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Why Eagle ?

Updated on July 19, 2009

Everyone knows what is an eagle. It is a strong, brave, agile, independent, and taft bird. We can see those qualities when the bird is flying and fluttering. But do not forget that this bird is also a prey, who does not give any mercy to their victims. What will I write bellow is not only about the physical qualities of an eagle but I try to understand why so many people and organizations choose eagle as their symbol or logo. Why did they do so? Why didn’t they pick other birds or animals? Does eagle have something special? Let's check it out….

1. For individual

For many people, mostly men, choosing eagle as their favorite animal is merely based on their fondness of the physical qualities of the bird like their swiftness when they fly, their strong grip or their keen eyesight when they prey their victims. But with many kinds of techniques and skills, recently there are many individuals who look after eagle in their houseyards. Surely, experiences when hunted these birds are a longlasting pride for the hunters.  How about you?

2. For organization or company

Most organizations choose eagle as their logo because many positive characters of this bird. For example, eagle represents power and most organizations expect their organizations to be strong and powerful, flying fastly like an eagle. Those are the dreams of creators who choose eagle as the symbol of their organizations. Or maybe, among these dreams, there are also a desire to have the cruelty of an eagle to their prey….

3. For government or country

Eagle means vary for many countries. Some countries even consider eagle as a sacred bird. Others relate it with the birth history of their countries. Eagle is used as symbol or name of government departments, military forces or even as the symbol of the country itself. It is used with many interpretations but surely all departments or even countries which used eagle as their symbols expect their departments or countries to have the power, whatever this power means, the swiftness and the taftness of an eagle.

The conclusion is people used eagle as a symbol because of many positive characters of the bird. But sometimes, those who used eagle as their symbols also unintentionally brought negative characters of an eagle like hunting and preying without mercy. This can happen because the bird felt on the top so it may freely prey any weaker creatures below it. …. how do you think?


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