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Fake and Damaging First Impressions

Updated on August 8, 2017
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Imran is an anthropologist, communications manager, and trainer who coaches people in self-improvement.

The First Impression: Valuable or not?

How true is the proverb 'First impression is the last impression?'
'True or false' aside, it is certainly worthy of a second thought.

Studies say:

  • 'It takes SEVEN seconds for you to make a first impression on another human being.'
  • 'People decide your trustworthiness within a tenth of a second.'

Now that's very unfair even if true.
When the research results are so incomprehensible, don't you think we must distrust the first impression?

To develop true belief and honest opinion, shouldn't the impression hold substantial value?
It must be as solid as concrete to make no error of judgment.

How can anyone possibly rate a person so quickly then?
Our past experiences might help us conclude opinions. But not all human beings are same.
As all are unique, impressions must match their personalities.

Below are the reasons why the first impression is fake.


10 Shortcomings Of The First Impression:

  1. It's made quickly

    The saying 'It's in our nature to judge, correctly applies to the first impression. If you have formed a view on a person or thing by meeting just once, you have decided instantly.
    Don't you think that's inappropriate?

  2. It's made in a rush

    Deciding too soon is too immature. Opinions made in a hurry fail because they never get the proper attention.

  3. It's emotional, not practical

    Your initial decision is the outcome of the emotions you feel about a person or thing. You form such a decision because you have only your emotions to count on. When sufficient time is spent with an individual and considerable time is given to a matter, the decision you make is a practical one. Otherwise, it's just emotional.

  4. It's not from adequate knowledge

    Conclusions made in the beginning lack the required knowledge and are incomplete. Decisions are right when made comprehensively, that's certainly not the case with first impressions.

  5. You can't be sure

    At first, You think you are right just because of a gut feeling. It's a hint that can sway in the wrong way. You can't be certain, so the impression can be untrue.

  6. Affects concentration

    Because you jump to conclusions quickly, you give matters a short span of time and attention. As a result, your ability to concentrate becomes less. Your concentration gets affected largely.

  7. It affects wisdom

    Your mind becomes bias due to false thinking. As you continue to think unfairly, your thoughts become rigid and narrow. The wisdom that can help you take the right decisions gets impaired due to biasness you firmly hold.

  8. It can't change if it's firm

    If you are a person strong in belief, you won't change your first thoughts on individuals or situations. You will believe your impressions are genuine and unchangeable.

  9. It can make a habit

    First impressions make you form judgments quickly. You think it saves you time. You make it a habit of judging. Sadly, it is not a good habit. It's a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle.

  10. It can develop more wrong notions

    The first notion implanted can influence your mind to have similar kind of thoughts about the affected person on the rest of the matters too. So, it builds an entirely different picture.


13 Damages First Impressions Do!

  1. Spreads negativity

    When a start is negative, it has already obstructed the possibility of a positive future. We all know how damaging negative thoughts are.

  2. Makes you stubborn

    Forming first impressions as a regular practice can make you stubborn, especially when you learn 'you were wrong' and your ego won't let you rectify the mistake.

  3. You become Dismissive

    As your attention span is too brief, you make up your mind fast. That makes you suspend matters related to people and situations promptly. You become dismissive by nature.

  4. You form false predictions

    Everybody you meet and anything you do go through unnecessary predictions (false) that you form on the basis of a short encounter.

  5. You won't let the person finish

    You meet a person; you form a first impression of him. You find that sufficient not to move further. As the conversation is already over for you, you don't let the person finish. Isn't that rude?

  6. You become pushy

    You push dealings to finish as soon as possible.
    You might not care for the whole story and miss some important facts.

  7. You damage a potential bond

    The possibility of a healthy relationship that can prove effective to the both of you gets damaged because of the false first impression. You are unable to manage people effectively.

  8. You don't meet the person next

    If your judgment says you will dislike the person and that both of you are not a match, believing that you will avoid meeting the person next.
    Will you be doing the right thing?

  9. You might corrupt other people too

    As your first impression is the only impression for you, when people whom you associate with ask you advice or suggestions, you will pass the wrong information that might influence those people too. They may form wrong first impressions.

  10. You become socially clumsy

    As you judge a lot, your mind will always follow that pattern. As a result, your socializing skills will become inept. Would anybody prefer that?

  11. You could face social discomfort

    Because you judge swiftly, you always have a fixed belief. Any difference in views or anything not in line with your thoughts might create social discomfort among concerned parties.

  12. You could offend others

    Since you always judge, you might say something or behave in a way that might offend others. You might get frustrated as people hardly impress you. That may lead people to not like you.

  13. You might get embarrassed later

    Later, when you learn your opinion was wrong and how ridiculously you had judged a person or situation, you will be flustered to admit the error of your judgment. You will feel awkward to face the person again.


The Fake First Impression!

Impression matters. It sharpens our confidence. From the wide array of numerous options, it helps us choose what suits best. People become likeable or unlikeable as our impression gains confidence. That's why we select a particular thing over another, and like one person more than the other.
But when impressions are false, they present a 'fake' picture of both an individual or a situation. That makes us judge the wrong way.
The twenty-three factors ( ten shortcomings and thirteen damages) mentioned above, perpetrate in forming a 'fake' image of a person or a circumstance.
It is 'fake' because 'You Fake It' through idle judgment.
The first impression becomes the first step to taking improper decisions.
That is why 'the first impression' is fake as it forms false notions. That is also the reason why you should give a second chance.

© 2017 Imran Khan


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    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 

      16 months ago from Ohio

      Maybe I was fooling myself about the first impressions...I am responsible and attentive, lol.

    • pen promulgates profile imageAUTHOR

      Imran Khan 

      16 months ago from Mumbai, India

      Ha ha. You were smart.

      Negative impression affects the most. Positive ones (if genuine) enhance a relation, but if those are forgery (not genuine), they are fake and damaging first impressions again.

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 

      16 months ago from Ohio

      I couldn't agree more with this article. It is odd how we let our emotions control us without even knowing. It's best to suspend judgement until you know more.

      That said, I do take advantage of first impressions. When I was in nursing school, I always wore a dress during the first week. This was to show the teachers I was responsible and attentive. Funny, but it worked.

    • pen promulgates profile imageAUTHOR

      Imran Khan 

      18 months ago from Mumbai, India

      Ha ha! You are a magician!

    • JR Cuevas profile image


      18 months ago from Philippines

      No, I only applied like few days ago. Btw,I've been here in HubPages for 10 days. I was shocked when I saw the mail yesterday. I don't even have 10 articles.

    • pen promulgates profile imageAUTHOR

      Imran Khan 

      18 months ago from Mumbai, India

      Congrats John. I will read your articles. BTW, did you have adsense from before or you got one here? I guess the requirement is a minimum 10 articles for adsense approval. How did u get approved?

    • JR Cuevas profile image


      18 months ago from Philippines

      My Google AdSense was approved. I'm trying to make now as many hubs as possible.

    • pen promulgates profile imageAUTHOR

      Imran Khan 

      18 months ago from Mumbai, India

      Thanks John. How Is HP treating you?

    • JR Cuevas profile image


      18 months ago from Philippines

      Wow! Nicely done :)


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