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Why Generation Y is in trouble.

Updated on July 24, 2011

I work with young people. Its a privilege and an honour and I love it. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I wished there were more teachers that felt this way. I dont know that they don't and I want to apologize if I offend, that's not my intention.

My question regarding teachers loving their jobs is based on the idea of 'best interest'. Best interest to me means that you as a person in power in the relationship you have with young people, are acting in a manner which is geared towards bettering a young persons' situation. Best interest is about what's right for the young person, despite sacrifices we may have to make. It is a plan of action a young person may not like, may not fully comprehend, nor accept, but you do it anyway.

I'll make this conversation a bit less global, as I know nothing of the US education system and how it works, nor do I know (really) how other provinces of Canada work in this regard. So, in Nova Scotia the amendments that have been ongoing have included dropping algebra from certain grade levels during their final exam due to low performance levels. It has also included the idea that you can skip all classes throughout the year, obtain all of the assignments and complete and pass them in on the last day of school and still manage a pass in a course. It also includes 'Social passes" - based on a persons age and ability, the school determines that 'in the best interest' of a young person, it will be better, in the long run, that they do not have the fundamentals in Math, English, Science than to face recieving a failing grade or being denied a pass into the next grade level.

If this is what young people learn today in schools, what will be their expectation of 'the real world' and the people they interact with?? 'Johnny' gets a labourer job at a construction site, he's angered by his low pay cheque and questions his foreman about it. "Hey boss, why do I only get this much??" The boss responds "Well you left out half of what was asked of you, and you left the job early... so that's the money you get for the work you actually put in". 'Johnny' gets further angry about it as , in his past, people who had power over him allowed him to not attempt the things he felt were too tough to do, he was accustomed to being pushed along without really attempting the objectives he was required to complete.

Imagine that young person then having to raise children, pay taxes, deal with Parent teacher nights. All because schools decided that extra help was not an option, that pushing kids through was a better success than having them succeed with a lot of hard work.  So.. where does best interest come into play here?? Some one explain... please... anyone?

I just don't get it. I have a lil one of my own, and I am already prepared to fight til I am black and blue so that she gets the education I believe she deserves and is worthy of. Heaven help the schools I deal with!!


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    • ambercita04 profile image

      Amber 5 years ago from Winter Park

      I used to be a teacher here in the United States. Teaching here is different based on what you wrote, but not on how the students think. Generation Y is in trouble in the United States because we do not hold youth accountable. We make excuses for them - their environment or the fact that they don't have mommy and/or daddy. I remember when I was a young person I was spanked, taught how to be respectful, and also taught how to be responsible - budgeting, managing a check book, doing my best, etc. Today, youth get rewarded just for participating. They feel that the world owes them something. And they have no concept of how the real world runs. Its scary because one day these are the people who will be running the world.

    • Enigmatic Me profile image

      5 years ago from East Coast Canada

      I don't get it at all. Our province is a mess. In 1999-2000 there was a cry for teachers (400-600 to be exactly). But since then there have been cuts on a semi annual basis. This new provincial government is cutting 200 positions this year. The city is amalgamating, or eliminating schools, and the role of educator gets watered down. Its based on the idea that teachers educate, however, the government diminishes their responsibility, highlighting curriculum as the ONLY thing teachers are responsible to help teach.

      Richard Dryfuss (The StakeOut, Mr. Holland's Opus) spoke a couple of years ago about the need for Civics to be returned to the US schools. Youth these days have no idea about what's happening, why they have elections, how a bill gets filed. This is the generation we are depending on in our soon to be old age.

      And what about the common decencies that we learned.. Mr./Ms./Mrs., "Yes sir/ No Maam", please, thank you.... all thrown out the window. A less and less respectful society is what's brewing.

      Heaven Help us!

    • Mary Merriment profile image

      Mary Merriment 6 years ago from Boise area, Idaho

      So funny that I came across this article. Just this morning I was complaining (again) about my own teens efforts in school, helping around the house, just anything really. She puts little effort into her schooling, doesn't follow instructions or take advantage of the help she has and pretty much fails the entire semester. Then... near the end of the semester, the teachers offer all these great incentives to the students by stating "If you do this little bit, we will boost you up and you will gain the rewards that you didn't really earn." Ugh... I fear for my child's future and her ability to succeed in life. Overall, in today's society, she has witnessed more rewards for procrastination, not following instructions and doing things half-a$$ed and seen those who put in full effort gain very little for their efforts. It's very sad.

    • loua profile image

      loua 8 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet

      Generation Y is in trouble because the world is still naive, it thinks there is something to be gained by limiting education.

      Your concern is not isolated to any segment of the world it is a world problem that could have a relatively easy solution:

      1) Funding World Standard Education:

      The money spent on eduction could be derived from world commerce to fund world education. Each country could support a portion of the cost as a business expense.

      2) Curriculums derived by experts, lessons taught by experts and video labs made using actors.

      3) Lessons based on aptitude, IQ, and special needs

      Teaching and career guidance could be accomplished easily: Teachers would actually be able to teach using a standardized format that had expert oversight. There could be professional guidance to solve all sorts of medical, psychological, and social issues that can help improve the system of education by having access to a world dialogue.

      This education mechanism model fills the needs of the world at the same cost of providing it to a select few.

      Specialized education could be achieved in the same way.

      This model would definitely minimize the cost of education by sharing the cost overhead...

      Thanks for providing such a well placed target...

      Great article...