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Why Geography is the most important subject in the world

Updated on May 9, 2016

What is Geography?

"Geography", derives from the Greek terms Geo- meaning Earth and Graph- meaning to draw, therefore commingling to form the stereotypical view that Geography is merely drawing.

What can it involve?

Geography taught in school is generally primarily focused on one, sometimes two aspects- normally volcanoes and earthquakes. This, therefore adds to the view that Geography is merely seismic-based. It is not. Geography is a multi-faceted subject- one of the most diverse subjects around. From one minute you could be learning about population growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, to the One-Child Policy in China, or studying the nature of the United Nations and its role in geopolitics. Or, looking at resolution processes to conflict on-going in the Middle East. These are just a small variety of aspects that are studied in 'human geography', in addition with this is the more typical 'physical geography' incorporating earthquakes, volcanoes, river systems, rainforests, mountain ranges and many other aspects.

Geography is a contemporary and historical subject, bringing it right up to date in terms of its importance today as we plan for the future.

Future Geography

Previously seismicity was the linchpin of geography, today it is more centered on population change, whereas in the future, with our increasing demand for energy resources, it is likely to be finding a new type of renewable, sustainable energy. Geography is central to this. Whether this is Hydraulic fracturing or solar panels geography is at the focus. This, coupled with climate change and global warming make it a subject not only that we need, but also one which we cannot ignore.

The role of geography on society today

Geography is at the forefront of everything we do. Whether that is ordering a take-away from our local restaurant or Presidential candidates deciding how to petition in certain areas. In both of these instances GIS (Geographical Information Systems) is at the forefront. Without this, Satellite Navigation would not be plausible therefore reducing the desire to travel. GIS can also be used to map crime, finding out where burglary hot spots (pun intended- volcanoes and all that..) are and how this can be policed, controlled and put an end to. Thus demonstrating that, as technology improves so too does geography.

Branches of geography

Visit this page to find out more about every branch of geography.

NB- this list keeps on expanding- it is not remaining the same!

Thinking like a geographer

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