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Why I Was Not Over - Awed By Tim Peake's Flight Into Space.

Updated on December 22, 2015
Mars Has Been Visited By Probes But Will Humans Ever Walk on Its Surface And Even Live There?
Mars Has Been Visited By Probes But Will Humans Ever Walk on Its Surface And Even Live There? | Source
Tim Peake's Home For Six Months.
Tim Peake's Home For Six Months. | Source
Surely A Base On The Moon Should Exist Now In This Day And Age?
Surely A Base On The Moon Should Exist Now In This Day And Age? | Source

Repeating What Has Been Done Before

When Tim Peake took off for the ISS or International Space Station from Kazakhstan and the media made a song and dance about it was I the only one not caught with this current round of the space bug?

Now dont get me wrong the fact of an International Space Station orbitting the Earth with astronauts working on it in Tim Peake's case for six months it surely is an amazing feat of science and engineering.

To see Tim Peake speaking from the ISS taking questions from Earth bound family, friends and scientists is amazing and could not even perhaps have been imagined by the shrewdest of our ancestors perhaps even those who wrote sci - fi books like H G Wells 'War Of The Worlds' and others of his ilk.

However when you look back at the fact that men walked on the moon in the late 60s and early to mid 70s surely we should have had a moonbase by now staffed by people living and working on there and even have gone on to Mars and other places in the solar system with manned flights. I realize there are risks to manned space flight to other planets and even living in non - Earth conditions, however, surely the technology we have today is far more superior to what they had in the Apollo programme and so one would have thought we would have been further along in space travel and exploration then we are.

Which is why when I say space stations orbitting the Earth and astronauts going for space walks that is fantastic but to me its old hat all been done before, why, you ask, for the reasons I have outlined above.

The space race I believe was initially sparked by cold war rivalry with the Americans getting to the Moon first as the Soviet programme to send a manned mission to the Moon had ended in disaster on Earth. The space race though may possbily be on again though between the Russians, Americans, Chinese and others but there is a greater co - operation too in the field of space travel like the Russian rocket that carried Tim Peake to the ISS which can only be good for the future of space travel.

Its great that probes have gone to Mars and other places but nothing will beat the time when humans walk on Mars and the Moon will have a permanent base indeed it is possible the Moon could be a launch pad for future space missions if there were a base there now or in the near future.

So lets hope in the next 10, 20, 30 years space does fulfil its potential for the betterment of the human race and transport us to pastures new across the solar system.


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