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Introverted Teachers: Are They Successful in Classroom Settings

Updated on January 31, 2017

It is astounding how introverts are told they don’t fit well in teaching profession. They are discouraged to the point they are told which occupations they can best fit in. It seems it is a world where as an introvert you don’t have a choice of the career you want. Somebody will tell you of a career you are supposed to consider not which career you think is best for you.

I tend to believe there are no specific jobs for introverts and others for extroverts. The introvert and extrovert personalities are just traits, not an indicator of which jobs best suits introverts and extroverts. Each person is unique. Each person has his/her own tastes for which profession he/she knows will derive great pleasure from doing it. If one loves passing knowledge to others, then why should he/she be discouraged from doing that?

If you are introvert and you’re a teacher or want to become a teacher; the following are reasons why you are or can turn out to become a good and effective teacher.

a) Observant

They are good observers. They don’t talk for long. Many times they’re quiet. This is why they are good in observing their surrounding with a keen interest. Due to this, they are able to notice things which might come in handy when a situation warrants what they had observed. It is due to their quietness they have perfected this skill in that they are able to discern even little things such as why some students are always noisy, why some are quiet and so on.


b) Patient

They are patient towards their colleagues and students. When a student doesn’t perform well in exams, they will be patient with the student encouraging and helping the student whenever possible. They will not rash out words against the students ending calling the student names. Teaching requires patience and there are no people who are better at it than teachers.

c) Good Listeners

Since they don’t talk a lot, they are good at listening. Usually, they don’t interrupt someone when he/she is talking. They listen until the person stops talking. This personality trait makes it easier for students and fellow teachers including parents to approach them. If a student is faced with a certain problem, it is easier for the student to approach the introverted teacher. The student knows the teacher will listen to him/her, and help him/her where necessary.

d) Good Counselors

It is said introverts work well on one-to-one conversations. In a group they tire a lot than when talking with one person. Due to their observant skills, a good ear for listening, patient in trying to understand something/somebody; they are in a good position to counsel students or offer advice whenever possible. As such, they tend to become effective school counselors.

e) Approachable

Do you ever feel comfortable being near an aggressive person? Some end up fearing them; others ensure they maintain distance between them and the aggressive person. In school, being aggressive will not work well. There are ways of using authority effectively and it does not always have to involve being forceful. Introverted teachers are easy to approach since they are not aggressive. The students feel free to answer and ask questions because they feel at ease in the presence of the teacher.


f) Teaching Styles

Due to the shyness some introverts exhibit and their quietness; they are able to come up with teaching techniques which will work in their favor. Teachers are supposed to be creative. In this case introverted teachers will come up with tactics which will enable them to teach effectively. In turn, it means the tactics the introverted ones have developed will lead to students to understand well the topics which will be taught. At the end of lessons, each and every student will not feel left out of class.

g) Think Before Talking

Due to their majority time is dedicated to thinking, they think before talking. When they happen to talk without thinking and regret later, they purpose they will not repeat the mistake again. They say what is needed to say. They don’t blabber. Being talkative has its disadvantages especially in staffroom where gossips are the rounds that take place there. Introverts don’t like small talk therefore they tend to not get involved unless it’s something constructive. Many teachers waste their time during school days talking on things which are of no benefit at all.

h) Makes Friends Easily

A teacher should not only be a teacher to students but also a friend. Friendship breaks the barrier of formalities. A student will feel free to approach the teacher if he/she has a problem such as the student has a problem with a specific subject or topic. The student will ask the teacher to explain to him/her so she can understand better. Introverts make friends easily as they’re easily approachable due to their calmness and coolness.


i) Class Management

It is said introverted teachers are not good in controlling class. This is far from true. You don’t have to use harsh or strong words to silence the class. Nor do you need to talk on top of your voice to quiet the class. Introverted teachers know how to control class without being too forceful. Forcefulness should not be applied to any and everything.

Introverts | Make The Most Of Your Introversion

j) Area 51 Operatives

Some of us know (if not many) about Area 51. It is a military base located in USA whereby intelligence operations take place. The operations are secretive as no one is allowed to come close to the area whether on air or on land. Well, introverts are good at keeping secrets. When a student approaches a teacher with an issue, the teacher is able to keep the conversation between themselves. If it warrants the teacher to tell the necessary teacher or authority he/she will do so. If a student requests the teacher to keep it between the two, the introverted teacher is good at doing that. They are student’s best confidants, and this is a good thing for a lot good reasons.


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