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Why Is There Questions Constantly

Updated on March 9, 2012

Whats Your Question?

Why do we always want to know about something do we feel like we need answers all the time on a consistent basis? We might always feel like there is something missing from a material world that we need to deliver from the spectral realm of our minds.

Questions always have answers even if we cannot figure some out. Wouldnt it make sense that big questions like who we are and why we are here definitely do have answers? They just can not be answered by us yet or because someone else of a higher being has that answer.

We could all undoubtly come up with a different answer as to who and are and why we really are here for. So why can we come up with the right answer? All we really do question question question and oh theres an answer!

Do you think we will find out who we really are to ourselves, and like that who we are deep down inside? Maybe we just want things too perfect and desire things we arent sure of, who knows?


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