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Why Suicide?

Updated on June 3, 2011

Hope or hopeless

People have dreams and hopes. However sometimes there is also a situation that there are no hopes and dreams that are seen in the future. Normally no one wants to die. We see so many efforts are made by a person to live in any situation and circumstances like tsunami, earthquake, flood, and many more adverse situations. People struggle as much as possible to survive and move on in lives.

In some cases people also commit suicide. Such people do not see any future. I feel people commit suicide only when there is no future in life, whatever efforts made by a person turns out fruitless; whatever action taken by the person gets negative result.

We live in a society with friends and family. Some people commit suicide because the person do not get help from family and friends some people commit suicide because there is no family and no friends normally due to poor financial situation.

We see some high profile and wealthy people also commit suicide. Some people can not maintain the life style they are having and commit suicide. Some people gets sudden upside down situation in the life and it is very high likely that such people commit suicide.

Suicide of any person reflect bad structure of the society and nation. If any one commits suicide that indicates the community or the situation of the place is going in a wrong direction.

I feel suicide is not a solution for bad situations, we need to fight in our life come what may.


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