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Why People Don't Like You - 20 Reasons to Dislike you!

Updated on March 13, 2019
pen promulgates profile image

Imran is an anthropologist who coaches people in self improvement. He excels in communication.

Liking is Essential

'I don't like you.' Would you like if someone said that to you? To be honest, such a praise doesn't have to be audible. People pass hints and express their liking through responses, reactions, and behaviors. I (for one) do it that way, and I am sure you don't do differently. So, how would you know whether you are liked or disliked? Could it be because of your fault that you have a negative image? Some ways to find that out are: (a) A person doesn't engage in conversation with you. (b) She gives a cold and unfriendly reaction. (c) Most of the times he/she is to the point with no attempts to build rapport.

These are the reliable indicators to identify whether individuals choose you or not. I am certain you prefer not to be in the bad books of anyone. Consequences are painful. You lose friends, you want company, you become lonely, and your social life sucks when people don't like you.

Thus, you and your maneuver must be friendly and likeable. It's true you cannot please everyone, but it's amazing when the majority adores you. Want to learn how? I will tell you some useful points why people won't like you. Let these not be the reasons to dislike as you have the control on them. All is your fault if you don't manage these. Trust me; nobody would want to fall in these categories as they are truly disapproving.


Unwelcoming Signs

  • They look flustered the moment they see you.
  • They avoid eye contact with you.
  • They don't show a welcoming gesture.
  • They look here and there.
  • They pretend to be occupied.
  • On purpose, they multitask.
  • They show impatience.
  • They want you to finish quickly.
  • They cut you off while talking.
  • When they see you, they turn away.
  • They try not to sit by you.
  • If they smile at you, they do it out of force. Their smile is not genuine. You can feel that.
  • Their response is very direct, mostly a 'yes' or 'no.'

Woo, what have you done to deserve such a treatment? You may think you have done nothing, but there is definitely something(s) very peculiar to your characteristics that a person doesn't like you. That's how it becomes your fault.


Reasons Why people Don't like You

  • 1) You use profane language

Your upbringing, education, belief, background, and thinking are highly noticeable by how you talk. That also includes how polished your tongue is. If you are accustomed to using profanity, it will somehow reflect when you talk to anyone. Abusive language or slangs or indecent talks will slip out of your mouth, or you may fumble to speak the right words. In this whole process, what becomes apparent is that you are not worthy of liking.

  • 2) You exhibit unpleasantness

You don't appear pleasant. Hence you are not liked. By pleasant, I don't mean your handsome or beautiful features. Looks are not in your hands, but personality is. You must be well-groomed and presentable to everyone you meet, especially in the first few meetings. Doing so, you have already established a likeable impression.

  • 3) You are vehement

You have opinions. Good! You can't force that on someone or express in a way that's quite irritating. Maybe a person won't tell you that they don't like the force in your statement or the unpleasant pitch in your voice, but what they become sure about is that you are not the one to socialize with often. So remember, if you have opinions, others have it too. And theirs can be as strong as yours to cut off ties without letting you know.

4) You Stink

You can certainly take care of this reason. It's entirely in your hands and control. I mean, you cannot control sweating, but you can treat stinking issues with remedies. The same applies to bad breath. You really don't deserve any liking from people if you don't care about smelling.
I know this reason is common indeed. Every person knows plenty that he/she must not stink, yet I will cover in detail because many individuals are still casual or careless about it.
I am jotting down primary reasons why people stink, and I am giving remedies too. Please implement these and prevent an unhealthy lifestyle.

First, let's learn some valuable information.

When you have an unpleasant body odor or bad breath, why will anyone be with you, or around you?
Whether you sweat through eccrine glands (found throughout the body) or apocrine glands (in places like armpits and groin). The bacteria on your body and in the surrounding mix with the hair in these areas and produce a smell.

You stink for several reasons such as:

  • You eat a lot of spicy food:

Spicy food takes some time to digest. When the food breaks down in your body, it releases sulfur-containing gases. As a result, it may smell out of your sweat.

Remedy: keep your food healthy and with fewer ingredients. Don't eat spicy food before important occasions. You don't want to bug people.

  • You stress:

When you sweat from stress, the apocrine gland releases an odorless fluid. But when the bacteria from your body and clothes and even from your surrounding mix with the body sweat, you stink.

Remedy: keep your clothes clean. Wash them regularly and keep them bacteria free. Use germ-killing liquids and detergents. Keep yourself clean too.

  • You drink alcohol

When your liver runs out of the capacity to tolerate the toxic of the alcohol, and can no longer process it by releasing through urine, it breaks the alcohol through bloodstream which releases out of breath and sweat. Hence, you stink.

Remedy: Why drink and damage your body?
'A healthy you' is the best you can ever have.
Quit the toxic habit of drinking liquor.

  • You eat food too quickly

When you hog on foods, especially fast and junk food, your body takes time to break them. The body releases gases through pores, so you have a bad odor.

Remedy: Chew slowly. Do not gulp large quantities of food. Do not eat fast. Take your time to finish your meal. Avoid junk food.

Everyone deserves a healthy life. It is imperative you don't have an unhealthy lifestyle. That is how your family and friends and others will like you more than ever.


The Best Remedy

Use a good deodorant. Not an ordinary one. Use antiperspirant ones. They help in two ways.

1) It prevents perspiration (you don't sweat much).

2) It kills unpleasant odor.

Thus, you smell good.

Roll-on is the best option. Apply them directly on the armpits.

More Reasons

  • 5) For what and who you are

Individuals don't like what you do. It's either your profession or job or the way you present and approach. You can do nothing about that. Can you? The best is to be polite and as friendly as you can so that there are no more reasons to make the disliking worse. If you often bump into such people, it's advisable you give a winning smile, do pleasant and diplomatic talks, and don't tell anything work related for some time until the bond gets a little comfortable.

  • 6) You are a wanna-be

You are self-absorbed. You are so full of yourself that you somehow never fail to do high talks. This also means your behavior is patronizing and you end up valuing yourself superior to others. People have a limit to bear, but you have no limit to yourself.
Why will anyone like you? Aren't you enough for yourself?

  • 7) You react to the cues

Okay. This can be a little nasty. You associate with a person continually. When you see him/her, you smile, greet, exchange pleasantries, and talk everyday stuff. There are things about that person you highly dislike. You have highlighted those issues before, but that person won't listen. When you meet him/her next, you don't want to say it. You stop yourself to point out, but, after a while, you can't. Thus, you spit it out. Each time you see a person, and there is some cue about him/her that forces you to highlight; You can't stop yourself, and you underline it (as a habit) even when you shouldn't. The highlight can be a suggestion, criticism, disapproval, or a warning. Maybe, you do it out of concern, love, and because you worry. You do it in good faith, but the other person doesn't want to follow what you say. As a result, it creates a drift and you maybe not welcomed next.

Has your relation ever been affected because the other person disliked an attribute in you?

See results

Some More Reasons

  • 8) You are disrespectful.
  • 9) You are arrogant.
  • 10) You are pompous.
  • 11) You feign humor.
  • 12) You make attempts to over impress.
  • 13) You are dominating.
  • 14) You bully.
  • 15) Your first impression on people was negative.
  • 16) You give or have given a person a tough time.
  • 17) You remind individuals of someone unpleasant.
  • 18) You are sarcastic.
  • 19) You are mean.
  • 20) You ask for money.

Be Likeable

These are some reasons why people won't like you. The good news is, these reasons are totally in your hands to control. Because you are not careful about these, you land up in the bad books. Let these not bring your image down and damage you in any way. Be the one who is liked and adored by all. Why is this important? It is important because you need people and their valuable support in your personal, professional and social life.

Is it important that acquaintances and strangers should like you?

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© 2017 Imran Khan


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    • pen promulgates profile imageAUTHOR

      Imran Khan 

      18 months ago from Mumbai, India

      Hey Mary, self analysis is a way for self improvement. And the people around you who complain and do nothing are tolerated by you because you know them and the bond makes you behave patiently, so no problem lies in you :)

      Thanks. Tc!

    • Blond Logic profile image

      Mary Wickison 

      18 months ago from Brazil

      You've given a lot of reasons why people might pull away from us. I find as I get older, I have less patience with people I know well.

      I hate to be around those who complain but do nothing to improve their situation. I am not certain if the problem is their's or mine?

      After reading your article, I need to do a bit of self-analysis.


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