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Why Singapore is the Happiest Country in Asia

Updated on June 9, 2013

So it's no secret that Denmark is the happiest country in the world. Though ever wondered what the happiest country in Asia is?? Think Japan? wrong! Singapore is the happiest country in Asia. Dan Buettner did his research / project and wrote a book on his finding on happy countries in a book called Thrive, Finding Happiness, The Blue Zones Way. Dan mentions that just over 40 years back when Lee Kwan Yew became Prime Minister in Singapore and laid down such draconian laws such as forcing the Chinese and Malaysians to lean English, banned spitting, the famous no chewing gum law and no long hair law. He even paid people that were educated to have kids. Other famous 'laws' were forgetting to flush and off course littering in public. The place that was a once stinky, overwhelming seaport area, became transformed into a rich, very very clean and one of the safest cities in the world.

Singapore became famous for it's fines for the smallest tedious 'infringement's and of course the public canning and bamboo beatings as part of punishment. Singapore has a one political party, know for it's hard core censorship on public material and trials where there are no juries. Singapore has been called by some as well as a "nanny" state where censorship is everywhere and Singapore attracted worldwide attention when Janet Jackson video clip was banned for being to "racy".

Singapore is the Happiest country in Asia!! This is scoring to a study by both Gallup, the World Values Survey and the World Database of Happiness which is sponsored proudly by National Geographic. Singapore comes 33rd out of 156 countries in Happiness according to the United National World Happiness Report

Dan Buettner, writer for the National Geographic, speaker and founder of Blues Zones; a community project to find the happiest places on earth was interviewed on 20/20's program on Happiness.

Security Vs Freedom

Along with those very very strict and conservative laws that maybe shocking too some other liberal countries, Singapore boasts a very very secure and clean country. People, women, children don't feel scared to walk outside at night or they will be mugged if they do. They know that if someone steps out of line or breaks the law they will get caught and that there are consequences, severe ones. 90% of Singaporean's own their house or accommodation. There are even tax incentives to live close to your parents.

Confucius Values

Even though Singapore is know for it's hard working and studious culture, where kids in primary school attend Time Management and other self discipline or growth training workshops, the Confucius values of family always come first. They have strong values regarding work and life balance. Family, friends, community and relationships tend to come first and this has been a universal indication or predictor of someone's happiness; how connected they are or how big and deep their social and community networks are.

The government is Singapore has created 5 basic "Shared Values" as their identity "before community and society above self; family as the basic unit of society; community support and respect for the individual; consensus not conflict; racial and religious harmony."

Low corruption

Unsurprising Singapore has the lowest corruption rate, though what is very surprising is that they have one of the highest paid civil servants around. They get paid up to millions of dollars. This is to seen as a strategic way to deter corruption in the government; and hey it works. There are extremely low bribe and corruption rates in Singapore. The stability and security help to make Singapore the happiest country in Asia.

Also Happiest Asian Country Online

According to the Asian Happiness Index, Singapore is the happiest Asian country online as well. Singapore came in at 1st with 518, Malaysia was at 245, 3rd Philippines at 90, India at 29 and and Indonesia with a rating of 11.Eden Strategy Institute consultation org that provides services in leadership, and investment advice on social creative technology studies, monitored and tracked the Asian Happiness Index. The survey done by Eden Strategy Institute searched words such as "the best", thank you", "grateful", hopeful", "positive" on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, tumbler, online forums for a period of time. It also calculated the population of the social media users in every country and the amount of click / pings or hits that came up in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, ect when researchers put in already outlined words as key words.


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