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8 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

Updated on September 26, 2015

Many people are travelling miles and miles away from their mother countries in search of knowledge that comes from the right quality education. It comes with extra costs especially if it is not through scholarship programme.Adjusting to the new ways of life, culture, language is always not easy but from my own assessment, the benefits outweigh the cost you have to meet.

International students interacting

Studying abroad
Studying abroad | Source

1. Studying abroad brings new exposure

One gets an opportunity to learn from acts like an eye opener. One gets that unique opportunity to interact with people who different ways of solving problems. Not the usual ones which you may be used to. They might even be more effective and pocket friendly than what you may have been applying before. You may adopt this new ideas and implement them in your country of origin and they may offer you a business opportunity.

Opportunity to study in some of the best institutions in the worl

Oxford University press
Oxford University press | Source

2. The opportunity to study in the very best institutions in the world

The institutions in your country may not be ranked among the best in the world. By travelling abroad, you may get that unusual opportunity to study in the best of the best as long as you qualify for admission.This will work as a major boost if you qualify and get the right certifications. Employers do take into consideration the institutions where you got your certificate.

President Barack Obama, a son of a Kenya who went to America for education


3. Getting international connections

Studying abroad will offer you this great opportunity to interact with new people. You will get an opportunity to make international friends. By creating an international network of friends, your chances of getting job in your new country.

4. The opportunity to compare yourself with the international standards

Studying in one locality makes one get limited to that small locality. Competition is only limited at that local level. When you go to an international school, you compare yourself with peers from other parts of the world and hence you can know the areas which you ought to work on to meet the international standards. This greatly boosts your confidence when it comes to job search.

Working with International Organizations

World Health Organization flag
World Health Organization flag | Source

5. Studying abroad enhances your chances of working with multinational organizations

By studying in a country where cultural practices and environment are totally different from your country of origin, you have a strong prove that you can survive in a diversified environment. It can also prove that you are flexible and can easily learn new languages.It shows that you are not afraid to face the new challenges in life. You have a strong coping ability which lacks in may people. It also shows curiosity which serve to boost your chances of getting that great job.

6. A Real Life Experience

Life is boring when you are confined to one place. Moving far away from home allows you to enjoy the diversities of life. You will have that unique thing to tell your country men when you go back to your mother country.

New sports talents


8.Discovering talents

People have the potential to achieve great things within themselves. This full potential may never be realized if the environment is not favourable. May be the facilities which are in your locality are not among the best in the world. May be some certain sports activities are not available in your country. You can never get to know this if you do not try that new thing.


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