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Why The Super Hero Fantasy

Updated on September 25, 2011

Why the Wonder?

      Vampires, werewolves, spider-man, superman, etc. These are the most popular of all the special craze. People with abnormal abilities who take things to the next level. We have seen the movies. Unique people with unique qualities in life. They come across certain circumstances where they become the best they can be. But why do you adore the stories? We watch and read thriving to keep the story alive, attempting to understand.

      To learn about people we don't understand is compelling, but someone from another world is even more interesting. Where did superman come from? How does spiderman co-exist with his life and being a regular human? We are interested in these ideas. We are interested by those who are not like us. Who are they? What makes them so wonderful?


What do each of the paranormal's have? Different strengths and powers. Why? Humans desire to be physically and mentally better than we already are. Vampires are more intelligent, werewolves are stronger, ghosts go through objects and cannot be bounded by anything. They have what we don't, more strength in everything. As humans we often feel dissatisfied. We believe we are unfinished and need work. By watching these shows with paranormal's we want the advantages they have in life. They can change shape, run away from life for a while. They are constantly busy and enjoying the little things. Why? Because they only have the little things to enjoy.

We tend to ignore the little things because we think they are just that, little. Yet when they are all bunched up, we can have a special day as if luck is on our side.

Inward Battles- Vampires and Werewolves

These creatures battle within themselves. They are dealing with something dark and vile in their lives. Both have a monster within, struggling and clawing, tearing and bitting to get out. How does this appeal to people positively? We all have something inside us that we are trying to deal with in our lives. People have issues and problems that they focus on. They attempt to think of a great solution that will please everyone. These characters that we adore and desire handle their situations with care. But what we love most, all of their choices are for their best and turn out fine in the end. It is a sign that we will be able to overcome our own problems in life. If Superman can balance his two lives, I am sure we can overcome our one life.

The Mystery

Every woman loves a man in mystery. One they can slightly control yet a man who constantly surprises them. What are they hiding? Where are they from? It is said that curiousity killed the cat. But anyone is curious about something that interests them such as unknown information. Men are curious about strength and power where women are curious about what they do not know. They keep watching or reading to follow the thrill of trying to understand what the words or stories will uncover next. What will the next episode bring? Will they finally get together in the next chapter?


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