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Why We Should Be “Aggressively” Pursuing Outer Space

Updated on July 18, 2016

Did it ever occur to you that we live in a reality that is bigger than your everyday struggles? Sure, you need to get up every morning at 6am and get ready for an eight hour marathon at the office. Or maybe you’re working in the trades? Or maybe even in the public sector. Even if you enjoy it, a part of you feels that maybe just maybe, there’s something far greater out there even bigger than you could imagine. Your life may be so monotonous and repetitive to the point where you watch the news and become so entwined with what’s happening that you forget. You forget that we live as a human species on one planet, in a countless ocean of others. One Freaking Planet!

Time is ticking away faster than we can count it

Sure granted you may not know a whole lot about outer space, or maybe you don’t at all. Everyone is brought up living different lives and believing in many different ideologies. Taught different ways on how to live and survive in today’s society. However it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (mind the pun) to figure out that everything comes to an end; this includes the planet that we have called home for millions of years. The ultimate truth is…time is ticking away faster than we can count it.

We have foreseen this already, and are taking steps to better the planet and make life sustainable for years to come. That’s just it; we are taking “steps”. By the time we actually better the very backyard we’ve continuously destroyed over the years through pollution and industrialisation. Well let’s just say the grass is not always greener on the other side. People are talking as they always do, but it seems like we live in a society that likes to say “Oh its fine, I’ll do it when it’s not raining”. Or “We need everybody on board to go through with this”, procrastination it seems is our global pastime. You could argue that there’s something being done as we speak, but at the same time. It’s on such a small scale that for it to be truly a step in the right direction it would take longer than the time we actually have.

Its 2016 the time for excuses and procrastination is over

Now that’s just it, time. Our age old friend. It’s always there even when we completely forget that it exists. Wouldn’t be great if we could just pause it, even for a few moments. Man would that be nice, I could actually catch up on all the Netflix Shows and Video Games that I really want to watch and play. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s being invented anytime soon. Time has been there before we were born and will continue to exist long after we have turned to ash. It provides no favours and does not wait for you just because you got stuck in traffic this morning. The time for action is now, we are aware of the problem but why aren’t we fully committed? Its 2016 the time for excuses and procrastination is over.

Priorities are our biggest misconception; we are too focused on the “now” and not the “were I want to be”. People don’t see the bigger picture. I’ve always wondered why we’ve never visited the Moon since the Apollo 17 mission. To me the space race between the United States and Soviet Union which happened over 50 years ago. Was really the last time our ingenuity was put to the ultimate test, to see which superpower could put a man in space and later on the moon first. Now the real race is on, the race to determine if humanity will survive and thrive outside of Earth. Obviously there have been road bumps since then but that’s not to say it’s been all downhill. We’ve focused since then mainly on the study of our Universe and it has paid off, we now know so much and its quite frankly mind boggling. From the playground to the classroom and we are all better off for it but, now it is time to graduate.

Someday soon there won’t be enough for all of us

The planet each year gains more of a population which means overcrowding and more mouths to feed – which also means that more resources are expended to provide for them. Food, Shelter, Clothing and even the $150 pair of Nike’s that you bought the other day. Obviously some of you may argue and say that this isn’t that big of a problem, that all we need to do is be more efficient with how we build, grow and live. Yes you’re not wrong the world is a big place. You cannot deny the truth however that Earth’s population is only ever going up and someday soon there won’t be enough for all of us. Global markets are in shambles, currency exchanges, interest and debt rates are some of the lowest and highest we have ever seen. People don’t seem to realize that it’s not going to get better it’s going to get worse and continue that way. Unless we look past ourselves and start looking beyond.

Life will continue to become more unbearable

Resources are as far and few in-between and are steadily declining. Water is the most valuable resource on Earth and each year is it slowly being lost. The Majority of life on Earth requires water to live – we take that away and we as a human species cease to exist. Seventy percent of our planet is made up of that wonderful blue stuff and it is estimated that a quarter (that’s 25 percent to the people at home who have abolished change in the form of plastic) has already been lost. Due to it being polluted and being absorbed into Earth’s atmosphere, and then lost to outer space. Let’s just say that whatever goes up doesn’t always necessarily come down. Now granted this is a problem that isn’t as bad as some of the others on this list. In a few million years it most likely will, but if we combine this with everything else? Life will continue to become more and more unbearable.

Global Warming is real and there is no ignoring it

Global Warming is real and there is no ignoring it. This is the main reason we have less time then we think. Countries are finally realizing that the time for action is now and are taking appropriate steps to reduce their carbon and ecological footprint. However, the goal they’ve set for themselves is 10-15 years away from now. That is unacceptable and by that time the damage will be even more severe. While you sit here reading this our so important and completely underrated ozone layer, is being slowing eaten up by the excess of carbon in Earth’s atmosphere that unfortunately cannot get out. The ozone layer acts as a shield towards the harmful radiation that is travelling through space, majority of it coming from the Sun. What does penetrate and get through cannot get back out due to the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, which in turn causes Earth’s temperature to rise. Hence “Global Warming” (for those of you who still don’t know what that means). What used to be a natural process that the Earth went through regularly is no longer possible. We are killing it faster than it can heal itself. By the time it does start the healing process the Earth’s global temperature will be at uncomfortable and borderline unbearable levels, making life extremely difficult to sustain.

Yes things are happening but they need to happen WAY faster

The sooner we start the better off we will be for it. Why are we still procrastinating!? Are people so afraid of their quarterly profits dropping that they don’t realize by thinking about themselves, they are making the problem worse. Yes money is very important in today’s economy it drives the economic engine, but is it that difficult to not think small but think of the bigger picture? The world is constantly changing, old ways of doing things are being left behind in favour of new and brighter ideas. Yes things are happening but they need to happen WAY faster. What needs to happen is everyone has to be open-minded, we can’t think classically because these are no longer classical but radical times we live in. If we continue to wait for the right moment when all the stars align (mind the pun again) it’s never going to happen, we have to take radical action right now. Examples of that could be abolishing dirty emissions and switching to clean power immediately. We would all be on cold turkey for a while but in the end it would be worth it.

It’s an infinite Universe and an infinite domino effect

By doing this we could propel the Global Economy into a prosperous future. Starting sooner we could also enter a new Space Age! One that provides the ingenuity of the previous one but with today’s technology and ways of thinking about the bigger picture. Imagine if we could travel to Mars right now what could we accomplish! What resources and discoveries are waiting to be made? Could we develop a new type of fuel that would shave a year of travel into 6 months, maybe even less? And that’s just one idea. Now take that and multiply it by how many bodies we could explore in our Solar System. Then take that and multiply the knowledge we could be learning combined with new advances and discoveries and stretch our reach out further and further, it’s an infinite Universe and an infinite domino effect.

Your childhood dreams could become reality

Jump starting the future of humanity sounds like something straight out of Science Fiction. The funny thing is things that were previously “Fiction” are losing that term completely. I’ll admit I am a huge Sci-Fi buff; I love Star Trek and Star Wars among many others as well as video games (Mass Effect <3). The thing about these forms of media is it gives us a glimpse into a possible future where that could actually be reality, and I’m not going to lie I’d rather live in the future rather than the present. Ten years ago someone could’ve said “I wonder if you could build a warp drive?” As cool as it would seem, it was highly unlikely. Fast forward ten years and ask that same question…guess what? It’s actually scientifically possible. You know why? Because we discovered new ideas and advances in technology have made it theoretically possible, it’s an exciting time to live in when your childhood dreams could become reality.

Are we really alone in the universe?

Now this may be hard for some people to imagine but try your best to keep an open mind. For a moment ask yourself the age old question. “Are we really alone in the universe?” I personally think we aren’t, all that open space and there’s nobody/nothing there? I mean c’mon no offense but if you think that we are alone. Then you’ve been hiding under a rock too long and need to look up for once. It’s very hard to stare into the night sky and say “Yup pretty sure were the only ones here” from my point of view, but I digress. Imagine again that we aren’t the only ones in the vast ocean of stars and endless cosmos up there. That there are things even possibly beings, unknown to us roaming around waiting to be discovered. Who’s to say by the time we decide to stop fighting each other and focus on getting out there, that will still be there? Granted this is pure speculation but think about it…if you had the chance to discover something of that magnitude but only had a limited amount of time. Would you sit on the couch and say “Eh maybe tomorrow when it’s not raining”. I definitely wouldn’t! All I’m saying is there’s a high possibility we’ve missed out on a lot already.

For some of you reading this it may sound like a load of hogwash, a broken record even and you may be right. Society has taught us that if you have dreams you have to work really hard for them. There is some truth in that but in reality it’s misleading. Your reality is constantly changing. Tomorrow you might wake up and experience something that you previously had no interest in, have a passion that wasn’t there before and learn something new about yourself and the world around you that changes your perspective. Yes life is hard but if we don’t act now it will become even harder. So think for just a moment….are your dreams really that hard to achieve? Or are you just not seeing the big picture yet. I personally struggle with the same ailments that every other middle-lower class citizen does. Not having enough money and being bogged down by life’s constant struggles for survival in today’s economy.

Take away all of that though and it’s a lot easier to see. We could be focused on so many greater things and achieve so much if we just simplify everything and not complicate things. I’m an optimist and I do see the bigger picture – the grass is greener on the other side. I just hope that by the time all of us decide this is more important, that grass will still be there.


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