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Why a Rumor is Spread and How to Get Over it or Nip it

Updated on April 4, 2011



Gossip can affect everyone, if you let it get to you. Gossip can make a person miserable. It is important to try not to worry about gossip in the work place. However, if you had no choice but to be involved in the drama circle, there are things you can do to not let it affect you, or to lessen the impact.


You are at work, and you have heard yet another rumor about you. You may be tired of rumors, you may have tried best to do your shift, and go home. You may have also made the mistake of assuming you know who it is spreading the rumors, and doing the same thing yourself in defense. Adding anything to the circle of drama is the worst mistake you can make.


 In this article, you will find a list of reasons for rumors, and a list of different ways to attack the rumor.

Ignore them

If you want to protect yourself from the drama, use some of these tips:

Ignore everything. One of the people bringing you the rumor is connected to the rumor mill. Just tell the person that has brought you the rumor that it doesn’t matter, and it doesn’t affect you. Your attackers will eventually see they can do you no harm, and start on someone else.

Agree with them

Agree with the rumor. Be careful of the words you choose. For example, if someone said you dated Joe blow, and Joe doe, agree with them. Agree, and act like you don’t care, and leave. Say something like, “ya, and?” The person that is causing the drama, for whatever reason, will stop in their tracks, when they know they are not getting to you.

Add something

Add something drastic to the drama. If they are still saying you are going with Joe Blow, and doing whatever, say something like, “ya, and don’t forget about Bob, and I did (add your comment here).”

The more you hear a rumor the more you have a tendency to believe it. Stop a rumor by adding to it. If you add something to it, you are making its source unreliable.

Feel good about it


Feel good if you have had a rumor spread about you. It is a psychological fact, that if person envy’s you, they are more than likely to believe the rumor.

They feel threatened

If someone feels threatened by you, they might spread a rumor. Yes, this is childish, but it happens, more often than not. It is also a proven psychological fact


Rumors just come from gullible people

Don’t feel too threatened by rumors. It is a proven fact that gullible adults are the ones spreading, and believing the rumors. One personal example would be: I knew this lady at work that was pregnant. It was obvious she was pregnant, she showed. When she came to work to show the baby, it was said that the newborn she had was not really hers, it was her daughter’s baby. Not only was this Ludacris, it was ignorant. She was still on maternity leave. How did that even make sense? Don’t waste too much energy worrying about those rumors. Anyone that has a lick of sense, or someone that knows you, will discard it.

We all sometimes believe rumors. However, some more than others. Try not to buy into them, and if you really have a question about someone, ask them. You don’t want to be one of those people in a drama circle. Drama circles and cliques are something that a mature person does not involve themselves in.


Have you been brought into a drama mill?

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    • sarclair profile image

      sarclair 7 years ago

      Thank you Beth. Sometimes rumors get annoying. I am glad it helped you.

    • profile image

      Beth 7 years ago

      Great advice! I was really worried about this one rumour but now im over it. Just like that. This advice is the best!