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Why distance learning is growing its popularity ?

Updated on January 30, 2014
Distance Learning Motivation
Distance Learning Motivation | Source

Adult Education: They key factor for growth in distance learning

A look at available dominant learning styles will give us an overview of how our choice of education will depend on our circumstances in life and our reasoning capacity. But one thing is for sure and has been ascertained to have great impact in an individual’s lifestyle and reasoning capacity. Below we want to look at three standard ways of learning that currently is being used by school going children and adult and has proved to be quite import. It really does not matter at what point in life an individual takes their first lesson. What really matters is determination.

Adult education can simple be described as learning in later years beyond the school going years. This kind of education normally has a different setting compared to the ordinary traditional schooling. People go to school in their adult years because:

  • They missed attending basic schooling either because of the circumstances earlier in life or because of limitations.
  • They get to know later in life that they missed out and it is only education that can change their lifestyle.
  • Mothers choose to go to school as adults because of boredom or lack of useful activity. This normally takes place when the children have grown up and they have nothing tangible to do with their time.
  • Many countries like the US have also over the years allowed women who missed out on education to go back to school through grants and scholarships.

Whatever the mode used, adult learners have a totally different setting when it comes to learning. This is because unlike children, their mind is made up and their way of live has totally changed. An adult educator has to contend with bending a few rules to enable such students to fit in a classroom setting and make individuals out of them in the long run. Adult learners it has been found out according to research to be very committed group of learners. This is mainly because they go back to school out of their free will and are willing to make a difference in their lifestyle. Such people are quite patient and will even take years to learn on particular skill.

mobile learning allows you to learn on the go
mobile learning allows you to learn on the go | Source

Advantages of better learning

Learning helps one to look at things differently and above all it is the way to better reasoning and thinking. Those who have not got any form of education sometimes find it very limiting. Not every mode of learning works best for every individual. Others because of limiting situations get education later in life far beyond the normal and ordinary years of schooling. Whatever the kind of education taken and at whatever stage of life, one thing is for sure education widens a person scope of thinking capacity.

Interestingly, schools have a set down curricula when it comes to learning but in real sense, education styles are not fixed and most differ from one part of the world to another. But one thing is for sure and common, there is great influence to a person’s way of learning. It completely changes their way of thinking and reasoning capacity. The advent of technology has greatly opened people’s mind to the different kinds of learning. Apart from traditional schooling there what we call multiple learning. These are skills that a person learns along their lives as they move ahead.

age for learning
age for learning

Different styles of learning

Learning according to studies and research done takes three different styles which can be grouped as:-

  • Kinesthetic
  • Visual and
  • Auditory

These we will explain further as we go along but one thing is certain that people at one time or another have undergone one of the above forms in their lives. When the three are used as a mode of education, the individual tends to have rounded reasoning skills and does not lack in one form of life as others who go through just a single mode. The above does not have to be learnt in a classroom setting as most people have been made to think.

Best Online degrees are free
Best Online degrees are free | Source

Why sometimes it is not too late to enter a classroom setting

Some of those who enrol themselves in adult schools come with no basic mode of education. Teachers have to decide on the best mode of education to use depend on his/her students ability when it comes writing of reading. But one thing is for sure and must be respected, adult learners must give a special kind of training unlike the ordinary basic classroom learning that most children undergo in their basic growing years. Their learning circumstances are totally different and their way of school must be respected. The world is currently full of different adult learners that have made a great mark in history e.g. Mzee Marube in Kenya who went back to school in his 70’s but unfortunately died of cancer one year before undertaking his final education.

The next mode of learning that has also grown wide and is now used nearly in every part of the world is the distance learning. The advent of technology must be accredited to the increase in this mode of learning. Because of lifestyles and work styles many people choose to attend classes in different institutions of higher learning. The numbers of people who have obtained certificates through this mode of learning is quite high and continues to grow. This method of learning uses electronic method of distribution. Students get their lessons through available eMethods. These can be:

  • DVD’s
  • email
  • CD’s
  • videos
  • telephone
  • internet Just to name a few

The remote method of learning has created a large number of students who have a desire to go back to school but have not actual time on their hands. Such people choose to learn during their spare times and only attend classes when required to do so. One thing is for sure, this is the most flexible method of learning and students have the advantage of amongst other things:-

  • choosing when to take their classes
  • how long the course will take depending on their efforts
  • when to take a break or continue
  • how long they intend to stay in school

These kinds of students have few advantages compared to regular learners in that:-

  • they are able to receive the same level of education their peers are getting from the comfort of their homes
  • they can still afford to obtain a degree under distance program and be on regular employment
  • their mode of learning even though less strenuous is also quite affordable
  • they do not have to leave their comfort zones to obtain education
  • They can choose their time of learning – most of these groups of learners normally prefer taking their lessons late in the night when all their activities have been attended to.

The rise in job training requirement has led to the large numbers of those requiring advancing their studies at one time or another. The advance of technologies have been greatly accredited to rise in these kind of learners and interestingly one thing is for sure, their numbers continue to grow and many universities have come to appreciate that these are a very important group of learners that must not be ignored. The most important fact to note that many fail to understand or know is that even these groups of students undergo the same classwork as their peers but under different studying environment.

Motivating self learning in distance learning

Adult learners and their educators differ from county to country but they can be described as people who go back to school beyond their schooling years. Their desire is sometimes aroused by the lifestyle of those around them who have gone to school. There is no right way or mix or style but adult educators through their training just like individual student must treat each student differently depending on their learning capability and interest. One this is for sure with this group of learners, they:-

  • Have a desire to learn
  • Have grown up under totally different circles in life
  • Have time on their hands to spare and
  • Should not be taken under a stress-full kind of learning as normal school children

Distance vs Classroom learning

How do you prefer to learn ?

See results

Is distant learning different from regular method of learning?

Unfortunately not, these students undergo regular class work even though they do not attend actual studies like regular students. Many people are made to think that because these are distance learners they are given a different set of examination. Unfortunately not, they too like their other peers are given the same set of examinations and CATS. They may not be able to attend the virtual mode of training but one thing is for sure, they tutorial is done by the same lecturers and are not different from what the regulars learners go through

Why many people are flocking to learn distantly?

There is great flexibility that comes with distant learning and students because of work requirements or family obligations normally want to use the same stone to catch to birds. The class work is spread over a period of time to give them enough time to study and do their research. They can still learn independently and attain high level of education just like their peers. The distance kind of education is not limited to a group of people. Adults and or youths have the privilege of furthering their studies within the comfort of their homes and do so without outside interference. Those people who tend to be in remote areas have been known to greatly have benefitted from this mode of studying.

Balancing work and learning is essential for adult  education
Balancing work and learning is essential for adult education | Source

Mobile Learning : The trendsetter in distance learning

The advent of technology in the 21st century has made it possible for individuals who a few years ago had no chance to attend school because of their work stations or limitations to attend school do so. The mobile mode of education allows students to attend classes and attain degrees from their homes and or work stations using available appliances. It is a kind of education where the eLearning method has really taken root. But one thing makes it a little different from the other method of learning. Colleges because of a desire to reach their students in different kinds of the world choose to move around and reach them where they are.

Most of the learning takes place remotely or if not so such colleges choose to reach the customers through every available means to impact education. This has been made possible by the fact that technology amongst other things has made possible for even those who had no choice to attend such schools to do so easily. How it is made possible varies drastically and might be done through several avenues which range from amongst other things. Mobile learners are not privy to being present in classroom settings. The education allows them to be reached from where they are.

What are the benefits of mobile learning?

Students amongst other things can learn anywhere around the world as long as they are connected to the internet and are able to follow the voice recordings of their instructor. It has made it possible for students who a few years ago had no dreams of ever entering a classroom or ever earning a degree because of distance. Learners benefit greatly because of:-

  • Convenience – distance is no barrier when it comes to this mode of learning
  • Accessibility – students are not limited to a class room setting and can make use of any available time to further their studies
  • Comfort – there is great comfort for students because they are able to learn from appliances they are comfortable with unlike in a class setting
  • Empowerment – because one feels the need to make it, they will be empowered to improve their skills
  • Physical mobility – students do not have to be in a classroom setting to be able to fully grasp the whole method of education

Because of the need to explore learning and employers wanting a more educated workforce, many people are now choosing to go to school helping increasing the number of learners seeking education either virtually, remotely or in a classroom setting. Whatever the mode one thing is sure, many people have come to appreciate that it is only through education that they are able to change their lifestyles and become who they really wanted to be however many years it takes them to do so. Education is the key to a better life, informed lifestyle and a changed livelihood.

Learning takes a big chunk of our brain capacity. Our different learning styles in life, at one point or another, dictate drastically who we are in later years. Teachers use these to capitalise on various students’ weakness and strengths during all forms of lessons. Through this they able to use the best methods that suit an individual student compared to the other. Through such they are able to help improve one’s level of understanding and learning capacities. Further research has also shown that even though there are three kinds learning. Students normally prefer one method of learning. This is not a reason for teachers to opt to use a different method of learning.

This method of learning normally takes place through different avenues. The most important thing is that it gives you a chance to connect with your teacher from any part of the world and create a learning environment. They can be done through the following appliances:-

  • Mobile phones
  • Smart phones/blackberries/iPads
  • Laptops just to name a few

Find motivation for learning
Find motivation for learning | Source

In Conclusion

The e-learning has greatly open doors to education as a whole. People are now able to choose if they wish to learn from homes, offices and any other places that is convenient to them, time and distance notwithstanding. Both the learners and educators have a very flexible method of study and they too can choose how and when to further their studies. Teachers in the m-learning mode have a one to one attention on their students. It is then and only then that they are able to have a rapport on how to deal with students with different needs. Even the physically challenged have not been left out as long as they are able to operate the available gadgets.

Research also dictates that there are different kinds of learning namely:-

  • visual
  • Social
  • Solitary
  • Verbal

Learning helps people embrace life differently and enable them to interact easily with people from other cultures. There are many reasons why the cut-throat competition has opened great door to how education is presented. Technology in itself has managed to help enlighten a large number of individuals in making decisions on their future when it comes to education.

Education has all along been considered to be the framework of better prospects both amongst the youth and adults who have a desire to go back to school and change their way of life, thinking, living and life in general.

Check out some advantages and disadvantages of distance learning

© 2014 Aditya Pullagurla


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    • kerlund74 profile image


      4 years ago from Sweden

      Interesting to read this. I am going there myself this autumn. Because I'm needed home with my children I plan to study on distance. I today work a lot with ICT and e-learning, so this is of great interest for me!

    • Adityapullagurla profile imageAUTHOR

      Aditya Pullagurla 

      4 years ago from Sydney

      Yes Sangre, many people realise how important is education in later years. Thanks for the comment

    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 

      4 years ago from Ireland

      I think a lot of people now decide later on in life to further their education. I thinks it's fantastic that they do this, and with the availability of different learning methods, it makes it easier to do so. Really informative hub that I enjoyed reading. Voted up!

    • Adityapullagurla profile imageAUTHOR

      Aditya Pullagurla 

      4 years ago from Sydney

      Thanks for reading mhrussel

    • mhrussel profile image

      Matt Russell, Ph.D. 

      4 years ago from Knoxville, TN

      Great Hub. Very informative!

    • Adityapullagurla profile imageAUTHOR

      Aditya Pullagurla 

      4 years ago from Sydney

      Totally agree with you schneider

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 

      4 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Excellent Hub, Adityapullagurla. Online distance learning is a great development that opens up education to more people. I would still encourage most young people to go to college physically because the in person student experience is a valuable one. But online education is very valuable for extended education and for those who cannot go in person.

    • Adityapullagurla profile imageAUTHOR

      Aditya Pullagurla 

      4 years ago from Sydney

      Good Luck Kaos, Hope you get your degree at the earliest :)

    • Organised Kaos profile image


      4 years ago from Hobart, Tasmania ~ Australia.(The little bit broken off the bottom of AUS)

      I have just enrolled in distance education, this will be interesting that's for sure.

      Thanks for the hub, interesting indeed!

    • Adityapullagurla profile imageAUTHOR

      Aditya Pullagurla 

      4 years ago from Sydney

      Thanks solvemymaze for writing some interesting facts about distance learning

    • SolveMyMaze profile image


      4 years ago

      Great Hub. I never knew that distance learning was actually possible. I've got some friends that live in rural areas that could really benefit from this, and the fact that you can use a wide range of devices to access the material is a great feature.

    • Adityapullagurla profile imageAUTHOR

      Aditya Pullagurla 

      4 years ago from Sydney

      Thanks for reading :)

    • mecheshier profile image


      4 years ago

      What a fabulous Hub. There is some great information that I know will help many people. Voted up for useful. Thanks


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