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Why do Mountains Exist?

Updated on March 31, 2016

Woah! Mountains.

The motion of the tectonic plates: The pieces of the surface of the earth shifting around and bumping into each other can cause sections of earth to be forced upward, such as in the Himalayas.

Eruption of volcanoes: Volcanoes are caused when magma (molten rock) is forced to the surface of the earth due to pressure. The magma cools and forms solid rock. It usually is forced to the earth from the same point, so the lava cools upon itself creating taller and taller cones which become mountains.

There are a few other forces that can create mountains. Sometimes magma is forced towards the earth, but never quite makes it. The result is a gigantic "welt", which basically looks like a large hill. Sometimes mountains are formed from the deposits of glacial ice, or by the drainage of a lake or sea.


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