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Why do many people fail in setting proper goals and fail to achieve the results they are looking for?

Updated on July 1, 2010

Setting Proper Goals

In today's world, most people do not have the idea of setting proper goals. This is one of the main reasons whey are unsuccessful in achieving the results that they are looking forward.

What are Goals? This is one major issue that one needs to understand before they can move forward in life. Goals are positive forces that the mind sets on its path of duty to achieve its target. By using the word - 'positive forces', I mean to say that the internal confidence that the person has got - to perform the duty. The path to achieve the target could be quite challenging, painful and frustrating. However, the person who has the mindset to make things work - continues to perform the tasks he needs to perform till he reaches the point.

What is Goal Setting: Goal Setting is done by a strategy. There are five main criteria that the person needs to keep in mind - for the Goal Settings. This is called SMART GOALS. SMART refers to - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound.

SPECIFIC- Specific refers to the clarity of the target. Most people get confused in regards to the setting of the specific goals. They combine their specific goals with Ambitions and Desires. They set their desire that they want to do something - without regards to whether they can make it or not. So it is very important that the person should be clear when he writes down his goals.

MEASURABLE- The goals that the person set should be measurable. By using the word - Measurable - i mean to say that, he should break his goals into steps and ensure that he completes every single activity one step at a time. This will reduce the level of difficulties that come on the way thereby making it easier for him to achieve what he is looking for,

ACHIEVABLE - The Goals that the person sets should be Achievable. Achievable means that the person has the skills and talents to make it happen. If the person lacks those skills - he should look into opportunities where he can enhance and strengthen his skills so that he can make it work.

REALISTIC - The Goals should be Realistic Goals. This will ensure that the person works hard enough to make it happen. All the desires of the mind are not considered realistic. Out of all the desires that the mind sets - only a few can be performed and achieved.

TIME BOUND - The Goal settings should be Time Bound. It has to be achieved within a specific time. The time is called a deadline. For Example - the student is given a deadline to complete an assignment. This deadline is very important for people to stay active and alert. Deadlines prevent from Procrastination. This helps a man to achieve those Goals.

The fundamental formula of a goal is: DESIRE + DUTY = GOAL!!


Shivaram Swamy
Shivaram Swamy


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