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Why Homeschooling Is Better Than School

Updated on March 28, 2019

What is homeschool?

I'm sure most people are somewhat familiar with the idea of home-school, however if you are not sure what it is or have never heard of it then allow me to explain. Home-school is an alternative option to traditional school so instead of sending your child to a school you can educate them at home. You plan lessons, trips and activities for you and your child/ren. Your child doesn't just have to be studying at home all the time, you can even enroll them into a tuition centre which they might attend say an hour a week to help with their studies. Now let's get into why this is a great option:

Do what they love

In schools lessons are pre-planned and all children are expected to participate in all kinds of activities whether they are interested in them or not. Due to the rigid structure of school learning children are not necessarily encouraged to explore subjects and paths that they are interested in. For example if your child enjoys learning about a particular event in history then you along with your child can spend the whole day researching that- this will certainly not be the case at school where a child simply cannot spend their time learning and discovering what they love.

Homeschooling allows the child to be in control of what they learn this in turn will make them love learning more so they will be inclined to do the work, also by learning and discovering the subject in depth will ensure high quality knowledge of the topic.

Avoid negative experiences that children do in school

I have been a victim of bullying as I am sure many others have been whilst our time in school. To avoid being a victim of bullying, which can lead to so many severe consequences in future life: depression, self harm, hatred, low self-esteem and many more, homeschooling offers protection from all the negative experience and outcomes.

By providing children a safe space which is lacking in many schools around the country you can give your child the positivity and strength to be who they want with no negative consequences.

Also, some people might be worried about the social aspect that they believe might be lost through not attending school. However, I believe a child can attain better social skills by not attending school. For example there are lots of homeschool groups that your child can attend and if in your community there are other homeschooled children then you can arrange meetups. Other ways children can social better through homeschooling is next.

Attain better social skills

Through homeschooling your child can attain more useful interpersonal and social skills. Ways this can be done are to attend extra curricular activities for example once a week your child might attend swimming lessons, karate club, gymnastics or any other activity they are interested in. Through these clubs they will meet and interact with other children.

Another way might be through attending a tuition centre which encourages interaction with others. I knew of a tution centre in my hometown where you could send your child to work on a particular skill e.g. confidence. They would then encourage your child to interact with other children and tutors. They also gave 15 minutes for children to play with others. So you could perhaps find something similar because I think that is a great way for children to build confidence and social skills.

I breifly mentioned this earlier but play dates are also an incredible idea. Getting together with your friends and their children is another fantastic way to allow your child to interact and buils relationship with others.

High quality learning

Often times some children can get left behind in a class through really no fault of their own. It can be hard for a teacher to get round to every child and help everyone be at the same level. Due to rigid structures they might have to on to the next topic even when a child may not have fully grasped the topic. Through homeschooling you can work with your child to take as much as necessary to go over a topic till s/he fully comprehends the area. This focus on understanding is what is lacked in the classroom so children are memorising what to write not nece understanding what it is they’re writing. Homeschooling allows for the in depth understanding.

Excel at non academic subjects

Attending school takes a long chunk out of a child’s day leaving very little time to experience and try other things. Homeschooling allows the flexibility to incorporate extra curricular activities within the day. I know many homeshcooled children who attend extra curricular activities pretty much every day. They can do this because they have the time and energy. School does not suck it all out of these kids.

Having the time in the day will allow your child to spend more time on and practice the extra curricular activities that they want to master thus allowing them to excel at it.

© 2019 Huma Ikbal


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    • Mimi845 profile image

      Melissa Paul 

      12 months ago from California

      Oh yes there are plenty of schools that offer this program, mostly charter schools though. He actually likes going to school but I think it's mostly because he likes to play with his friends. My daughter on the other hand has make it clear that she prefers homeschooling because she's tired of the other kids always asking questions. So you are right that each child is different. We'll see what happens. I might have to try it and see how it goes. Then I can make changes according to how each child performs.

    • humaikbal profile imageAUTHOR

      Huma Ikbal 

      12 months ago

      Hi Melissa I'm really glad that this article helped you and I agree that 40/60 school idea would be great I had no idea that it was something which was offered so that's a brilliant idea because it'll allow you to give some more time to see if school is better for your child because every child is different some benefit more from homeschooling others necessarily don't so it should be what is best for your child. Also, like you say you want him to enjoy the ocean more and just all that there is to see on the west coat and the 40/60 would allow you to do that. I personally feel like you should try it out and ask your son what he prefers and enjoys more you should probably let the kids make the choice provided you are still able to homeschool them because circumstances can change. Another thing might be that having so much change at a young age is not good for children because they get confused and they never settle so you should see for a few months to see what works and perhaps stick to it to allow your son to get settled and comfortable with one option of schooling. I hope this helps you.

    • Mimi845 profile image

      Melissa Paul 

      12 months ago from California

      Hi Huma, I really enjoyed reading your article because I struggle with this subject. I used to homeschool my kids when they were in K5 and 1st grade but I actually sent them to a charter school this year so they could learn a foreign language. Like you said in your post, my son is behind. He was right where he needed to be in K5 but now his grades show that he's still technically at the K5 level even though he's in 1st grade. I have been struggling with the idea for the coming year because now that we're on the west coast, I want them to enjoy the ocean more so reading your article reassured me that my heart is leading me in the right direction. What's your take on a 40/60 program? where the kids go to school for two days a week and then homeschool for 3 days? I'm currently looking at a few schools that offer this program.


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