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Why is law obeyed?

Updated on November 25, 2009

Paton observe that it is difficult to conceive of any legal system operating effectively without a sanction with the background. but one a community is taught to observe the law particular rules may be obeyed even though there is no particular sanction attached to them.

Laws are obeyed due to certain reasons. Some jurists consider these reasons as sanction,  while other reward.

 While studying Austin's definition of the term law, it is observed that all positive laws, according to him are commands of the sovereign and that they had for their sanction the physical force of the state. The command of sovereign is enforced by observance of it. Sanctions are the means whereby obedience to which any system of imperative law is enforced. On the other hand customary law is obeyed because it is the necessity of those who had made it. Public opinion bind people to observe customary law.

 Divine law is obeyed as it is recognized as a divine command and the wrath in the world hereafter is a sanction for its enforcement. Modern laws are obeyed because they ar of permissible character and grants rights and privileges. Pollock observed that law is obeyed because it is needed to the society

Horison, Savigny and Dennis Lyod say that law is obeyed because it is just and the outcome of professional opinion.


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