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Why it is important to be an Activist

Updated on September 4, 2016

Can more Activism save our Agriculture system?

The bees are dropping dead at alarming rates so it is very important for anyone that knows about this major crop debilitating issue to take action and call their Senator to help save the bees from the pesticide killers called neonicotinoids. But this is just one serious issue that the world is faced with now which requires people to be an Activist in order to make a difference. Why save bees if they are not fun to be around? Because they are pollinators for agriculture elements. A more familiar term that people may be able to understand during this message is "food". Yes bees play a very large part in the process of food production, so this is a very serious issue that more people need to take action for!

The real danger behind throwing straws away

Would you believe that so many sea turtles are in danger because of straws? It is not something you may think about off the top of your head, but straws choke the turtles when trash gets into the water system of the world. I myself do not use straws if I can help it because of this one particular reason. There are some non profit organizations that reach out in the effort to make petitions for causes like this straw issue, so anyone who takes action to sign these petitions is an Activist. In turn, they are doing what they can in their power to help save the sea turtles from this straw problem. So this tells us that activism plays a big role in keeping the world more healthy. After all, animals are a huge part of the world too.

Is Activism for everyone?

Sadly, there are many people who do not care about the world's issues so activism is not for everyone. However, this makes no sense to me because these people live in the same world that these issues are in. In my opinion, they should take action to stop certain problems from existing if they want to be in a more assuring world. You cannot just walk around in denial when technology advancement throws rising issues in your face all the time due to social media and other internet websites. There is no denying the world's issues. People either care or they don't. This is a reflection of how they feel about their self though. What do I mean by this? If people don't care about the world, then they don't care about their self either. Why do I assume this? Because these people live in the world that has these problems, so not caring about these problems is not an option if they want to be healthy and happy. So I encourage activism constantly.

Why I thrive on being an Activist

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing I take part in making sure that my world is as healthy and fun as possible. I am a lover of nature so I believe in taking care of nature and not hurting it. I feel that lack of care for nature is one of the biggest reasons why the world has its issues. If I was not a caring person I would not have received a certificate from the Ocean Conservancy that I did. This was related to my signing of many petitions that they sent to me. I am not just about saving the ocean though, because the world has many facets that are not just water related. With the easy way of promoting causes online, I am always sharing a lot of world issues on the internet as much as possible to ensure that as many people as possible see it. This is the real way of keeping the world livable now: The internet. If more people utilize the internet to make a statement and stand up to help worldly issues then there is some kind of guarantee that the world will continue to evolve productively, but if people just wallow in their own issues and don't see that the worldly issues are their own issues too... there will always be great challenge to face for the animals and humans in the world.

Are you an Activist or not?

Do you find yourself wanting to make a difference in the world?

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