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Why learn Spanish? ¿Por qué aprender el español?

Updated on April 14, 2012

1. Travel -There are many Spanish speaking countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru and the obvious one - Spain, (just to name a few). You can visit these countries without knowing a word of Spanish but it is much more fun if you do know at least the basic Spanish! You can interact with the locals and get to know new people, and, it proves a practical purpose too - you will find simple things like visiting the shops much easier if you know how to ask simple questions such as "How much is this?" or "Where is the bread". Plus, once you know a bit of Spanish you won't be able to resist learning more in the foreign country!

2. Lots of people speak it! - Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Approximately 400 million people speak it! Spanish is spoken in more than twenty countries including Peru, Cuba, Costa rica, and the obvious one - Spain! Also, almost half of the Western Hemisphere speak Spanish! In places like America lots of the population are native Spanish speakers or have learnt it because so many people in the country speak it, and in the UK it is becoming more widely taught in schools, starting as early as nursery in some places! But it is never too late to learn!

3. It could help you get a job -You have probably noticed it is becoming increasingly hard to get a job because of the current economic crisis, so, you need something special, something that makes you stand out when you are applying for a job. A language is what you need. If you apply for a job and you are against someone who has everything you have minus the language skills, you will automatically stand out above them! If you learn it and become fluent or almost fluent you can write about it when you are talking about special skills or hobbies, but if you want to take it further, even as an adult, you can study at university or take an exam to earn a qualification in it which will look even better!

4. It opens doors - Knowing Spanish gives you more job opportunities because you will stand out above others, but also, you have a brilliant opportunity to move to a Spanish speaking country and apply for a job there! Knowing the language will make this possible - you can't move to or work in a Spanish speaking country without knowing the language! Just think how many more opporunities you have if you learn it! The world is really your oyster!

5. It is fun and easy to learn -Spanish is easy to learn because lots of the words are similar sounding to english, or are spelt the same but pronouced with a Spanish accent, for example "el violĂ­n", or "normalmente" (normally!). Plus, once you have learnt Spanish you will find it much easier to learn other languages, like Italian, and French! It is fun because the language sounds so beautiful, and you will feel a boost of self confidence once you can speak it!

The list goes on - There are many different reasons as to why you should learn Spanish but hopefully these 5 have persuaded you!

Yes, this is taken from - but, that is my website! :)


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    • ltlearning profile image

      ltlearning 6 years ago from Argentina

      Great post, I totally agree, not only spanish open doors , but a second language is a powerfull toll to open doors and your mind!

    • lovelyjubbly profile image

      lovelyjubbly 6 years ago

      Languages open many doors!

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 6 years ago from Uruguay

      You are absolutely right, that is the same reason why most non english speaking countries in the world are teaching english to their children starting at an early age.