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Why math is failed all around the world

Updated on April 24, 2015

Stigma of being too hard

Personally, i think this is one of the main reasons why people hate math. People think it’s too hard and therefore they don’t put more effort into it. This makes people have much dislike to it and if you don’t like something you can never be interested in that thing. I think this misconception about math being very hard is getting out of hand because it is being passed from generation to generation and if something is not done right now, this situation will never change.

Peer influence

We all know what peer influence since we’ve all been there. Many students especially in high school want to be seen as `cool’ all the time in front of their friends. They don’t want to be called `nerd’ since all students who excel well in math are automatically branded that name which is seen as `uncool’.so to avoid being called a `nerd’, students try as much as possible to fail in math and avoid the name calling.

Lack of role models

Everyone knows how important it is for children and teenagers to have a role model. Unfortunately, there are few people in the media who have achieved in math. Even parents nowadays, they are not around their children all the time because of work. Some parents are a really bad example to children; they tell their children that they can never excel in math because it’s very hard. In this case those children will not take math seriously and put no effort in studying it since they have been convinced that no matter how hard they try, they will never pass in math. This is really bad and if you are a parent reading this and you know you tell this stuff to your children, please stop it as soon as possible.

Inappropriate methods of studying math

Studying math requires working hard but smart. You may have heard a student saying “I keep on studying math, I try my best, I read every day but when I do my exams I fail” actually this kind of circumstance happens to many students. The main reason is that they are not working smart. Math requires you to solve sums step by step until you find the final answer, and also it requires you to know and use different formulas to solve an equation, many students don’t put effort in trying to know and master different methods of solving an equation and that’s why they fail during a math test.

Using the internet to do your homework

Due to increase in computers, smartphones and internet connections in schools, students opt to learn by searching answers on the internet. This isn’t right because it encourages laziness in learning not just math but also other subjects in school. Students are also not doing their homework on their own; instead they pay other people on the internet to do their homework. There are internet calculators which have a lot of extra features than the actual calculator and can give an answer more easily. This stuff encourages students to be lazy and thus this makes them put no effort in learning math and hence fail terribly.


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