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Tuition might or might not matter - a dilemma

Updated on November 8, 2012

People living in a society where cut-throat competition predominate would not gainsay that tuition is one of the avenues to improve oneself. The word tuition denotes something like holding a consultation, an informal euphemism for exchanging ideas and facilitating negotiation, when it actually means, nowadays, the lucrative business of teaching students and neophytes the skills and tactics in their homework and studies. There are multifarious tuition agencies and centers that offer hundreds of classes that cater to hundreds of students, from preschool to college. They take in an eclectic mix of bright and dull minds together, and imbibe them with the knowledge - something similar to equipping a person with a potion - that will help them succeed in their examinations.

Knowledge is made to be sold in this case. Tutors consolidate vital learning concepts and, with their own vivid learning experience, they package them into an ensemble of lessons. They travel to their clients' homes or tuition centers and with a sleek and dexterous manner of their hand, they write integration and differentiation questions onto the whiteboard while they reel off explanations.

Tutors are mainly there for the money, and for the demand. They know that they will be dutifully compensated for teaching their clients. I might offer $200 per month for a tutor to assist in my learning of Physics, and a tutor will contact me within a day or two. The reason for the high demand is either because of the difficulty of the education system, or because of parents wanting to impose heavy study labour on their children in their wish to make them the premier of the cohort.

Tuition does matter, especially if you are living in a developed society. But, people can also argue that tuition does not matter, given the following reasons:


#1 - I can be as smart as anyone else

This is confidence. This is the determination of the person deprived of tuition opportunities to be an autodidact. When he has questions, he can either ask them on the Internet forums, or directly ask his school teachers.


#2 - Laziness

In some cases, students are given lots of enrichment classes but the outcome as envisaged has been backfired. These students may be too idle to even sit up straight and listen attentively while their tutors are teaching. It is the lack of tenacity and urge to study hard that nullify the effectiveness of tuition.


#3 - People who are not academically good can still earn a living

That's right. If everyone was to be so intelligent that they only want to work for white-collar jobs in the tertiary sectors, then what will the secondary and primary industries become? There would be a paucity of manpower in the cleaning sector, and the cleanliness of the city will definitely be marred. Such overlooking will result in a squalid environment we will live in. People who could not excel in their studies can still earn a livelihood. Although their job prospects are very few, we still need them for the country to function well.


#4 - Some tutors are deceiving

Tutors who serve for mercenary purposes will dupe gullible parents with pompous promises on sterling results supposedly achieved by their students. Usually, these diabolical tutors give the wrong answers and impart shallow knowledge to the students without elucidation.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      yep, agree with your opinion. Students are lazy to do revision after school. Mostly just head to the bed even without washing up! Then notebooks, homework and back to bed. Where has the own revision gone to? Face it, tuition is the answer to laziness.