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Why the Illuminati Don't Exist: A Skeptic's Argument

Updated on May 13, 2012

It is difficult, if not impossible for a select group of individuals in the modern age to control, manipulate, and plot the entire course of the worlds’ politics, finances, and view for a prolonged amount of time, as believers in the Illuminati and the New World Order suggest. Furthermore, it is even more improbable that such a group has been pulling the strings behind every major and minor event that has shaped history without leaving a trace of evidence that they exist.

The belief that an evil super-group is behind every tragedy in the past and present may provide some psychological comfort, or sense of control- being able to place the blame of events that are out of our hands and leave us feeling vulnerable or outraged on a tangible yet elusive target. Christians have God, new ageists have karma, and the paranoid have conspiracies like that of the Illuminati-who, by popular lore, have controlled world events since the time of the crusades, having members entrenched in every major political body from the church to major corporations.

Not only are skeptics fueled by the blatant lack of evidence for the theory of the existence of the Illuminati, There are pieces of historical evidence and more mundane alternatives to the wild speculations presented by believers. For example, the main symbol of the illuminati is popularly accepted as the “all-seeing eye” over, or incorporated with a pyramid, such as is visible on the US one dollar bill. However, if one is aware of the historical value placed on those symbols, it seems a lot less sinister to have an “illuminati” pictograph incorporated in our country’s currency. The roots of the eye and pyramid symbols of course trace back to Egypt, and are common symbols meaning power and wisdom (the eye and pyramid on the us dollar was supposed to basically symbolize divine providence over a new empire, as can be found in the notes made by the committee who decided on the design for our currency), much as we have common knowledge that the eagle holding the arrows and olive branch represent America and the balance of peace and war.

Another example is the belief that the US government, in accordance with the Illuminati’s plans, caused, or allowed 9/11 happen. This idea has, unfortunately, gained a lot of supporters and believers since 2002, even though the official reports are readily available to the public due to the freedom of information act, and the final report can be viewed at: Claims range from the slightly conspiritous to full-out paranoia:

· President Bush scheduled his Grade school visit in Florida to be out of DC when flight 93 was supposedly going to hit the white house. (based on no evidence)

· It was a missile launched by our own government that hit the pentagon, not a plane. (based on the lack of visible plane wreckage on the news tapes)

· Our Government paid the terrosits/paid to train the terrorists. (based on no evidence)

· Our own government shot down flight 93. (Based on the conflict of eye-witness statements, and the fact that what actually caused the plane to crash is unexplained.)

· Bush and Cheney were commissioned by the heads of the Illuminati to plan and execute the whole terrorist act of crashing planes into the towers, the Pentagon, and the white house with aid of select military and political figures as a means to distract the world, victimize the US, and bring the Middle East under strategic American rule to further their plans for a NWO. (Based on no evidence.)


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    • profile image

      AbbyNormalBrain 2 years ago

      I don't believe in the Illuminati or conspiracy theories. But I do wonder how that little pyramid symbol gets in so many cartoons. The cartoonists would have to draw it in there intentionally. Cartooning is pretty labor intensive and they wouldn't put it there for nothing. Is it an in-joke? A brand name? Any cartoonists have some insight here?

    • profile image

      Time to wake up 4 years ago

      Ignorance is bliss

      The problem evil has prevailed throughout history, showing its many faces in many forms, causing chaos and misery is for one simple reason....

      ...GOOD PEOPLE doing NOTHING to stop BAD PEOPLE doing EVERYTHING they can to spread EVIL!

    • profile image

      Jeva Singh-Anand 4 years ago

      Livia, the Illuminati were a short-lived secret society (1176-1785), whose philosophy and ethics centered on Jean Jacques Rousseau's notion of "perfectibility," the idea that by means of a moral regimen human beings can achieve a state of ethical near-perfection, and liberal Christianity. Their influence did not extend past 1820, with the death of Montgelas.

      I have read their documents, which were published at the command of the Bavarian government in the late 1780s, and an English translation of the Illuminatus Major Degree can be found at

      However, the story these documents tell is very different from what conspiracy theorists have said about them for over two centuries.

    • profile image

      The One True Mind 4 years ago

      Yea like always you need proof. Well prove that there is no such thing? :DDD about 9/11: only a total moron (it seems that morons are most of the american papulation) would not see that law of physics :D Seriously open your eyes and see that you government is one of the big players in world destruction :D NOTE: read your own laws and understand the system and you'll see that it doesn't serve or protect you anymore :D but still USA go for it. Be blind and burn in hell, couse God might not exist, but the danger that humans can bring will be nice punishment for thinking with you dicks and other parts except your brains :DDDDD

    • Joseph Renne profile image

      Joseph Renne 5 years ago from Milton

      I have not read the entire hub just yet. I have bookmarked and will return

    • point2make profile image

      point2make 5 years ago

      Thank-you Livia....It is very refreshing to read a hub that is researched to discover the truth. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find someone who does proper research anymore. It seems, lately, that following the latest "conspiracy" theory blindly is becoming a national obsession. A lot of people don't bother to check the facts anymore and, unfortunately, are willing to believe almost anything. I find that very sad and a bit disturbing. I hope a lot of people read your hub and, at the very least, think about the message it is delivering. Great hub...voted up!