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Why the World is So Messed Up and How to Fix It

Updated on June 18, 2015
Why the world is so messed up
Why the world is so messed up | Source

How to Save the World

Why is the world so messed up? The answer is simple, because too many people are uneducated, and the world is full of uneducated people, but I wouldn't pin all of the blame on them. This may sound biased at first, but hear me out for one moment.

How do you save the world? Another simple answer. Free education. When the time comes that all human knowledge is fee and completely accessible to everyone everywhere, then everything else will follow suit.

But you ask, who will pay for it? Its you. Its Everyone. If you happen to live in the United States of America, then your hard earned tax dollars go towards bombing brown people in countries you probably never even heard about. That is money that would be better spent on providing you and numerous others free education. Anytime there is a politician who doesn't prioritize free education over all else, they become a barrier between us and a state of utopia. It is unfortunate that politicians continue to use your money to fund in my opinion, an unnecessary and very destructive weapons industry. If you would like to know why, then pick up Noam Chomsky.


Since your elected politicians don't spend your hard earned tax dollars on providing free education, Hollywood should be the ones. In all of human history, Hollywood has been the biggest producer of stupidity.

The vast majority of all the media ever produced by Hollywood, has been stupid, it is designed to appeal to the masses, for marketing purposes, and to appeal to the lowest denominator. Its candy for the brain. The majority of people in the first world, gorge themselves on brain candy when they are not at work or school, and it is making them stupid.

Hollywood owes free education to the masses to make up for all the stupidity it has created. Think of your favorite celebrity for a moment, that person has played a huge role in shaping and molding you, your friends, some enemies, and making innumerable strangers dumber. Your favorite celebrity should have to pay to build an online school that's free and offers video on every subject and categorized by topic.

Maybe Thinking of Starting A Free School
Maybe Thinking of Starting A Free School | Source

If Hollywood doesn't take up the responsibility, then the richest person in the world should pay for it, or at least the group of them that sit at the top, but I doubt they want any part of that. You sell things, and pay your workers as little as you can to make products everyone needs, and is a cheap as possible to manufacture, then you proceed to sell it for as high a price as you can. Finally, you play the tax avoidance game to avoid paying as much tax as possible as you exploit loop holes in the system and tax havens. I'm not against the idea of business and entrepreneurship, or tax avoidance. I'm just stating the responsibility that should come with reaching certain levels of success and drive home a point, its an inherent responsibility.

The biggest legal thief in the world is the the richest person. This person has been successful at ripping off he most people in the world and owes free school in every single subject to the world. The richest person is able to afford creating the a free online school without ever having to sacrifice one necessity or luxury as long as they live.

Ok, so none of the two above want to give free education to the world, then it should be up to the smartest people. MIT has tried to create a small free online school. Its nice, but it does not include grade school lessons on the alphabet or any kind of "How To" instructional videos on how to build and launch a spacecraft. If MIT doesn't want to give the world that free education with all that tuition they are collecting, then it should be "The International High IQ Society" Also known as Mensa. If they are the cream of the crop of the proclaimed intellectuals, then fee edification should be a no-brainer for them.


If the proclaimed high IQ societies won't provide free education, then it should be hate groups. If the KKK or other hate groups feel that another group of people are bringing down society and want to get rid of them, then they should provide them free online school.

Once the world world has access to fee education, then all of us can be fully productive workers and members of society with strong minds capable of thinking and acting for ourselves. Statistically speaking, smarter people usually have fewer children for one reason or another, what more could these haters want? Free education is the ultimate solution

If haters don't want to save the world, then organized religion should. Religions claim to want to help people and not be greedy. There are many organized religions who do give quite a bit and do there share, but a focus on free education would be one of the best forms of giving.

If religion doesn't want to provide this free education, then people should find a way to give it to themselves, with all the crowd funding, and low cost educational sources these days, people should get on social networks, collaborate on it, and fund it. I feel the world is getting closer and closer to this every day, but we are just not there yet.

Until that time, there will remain stupid people in the world destroying it until there is nothing left. Agree? Disagree?. Go ahead and leave a comment.

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