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Why you should choose General MBA degree over specialized MBA - MBA Graduate Study degree programs in University

Updated on July 4, 2012

If you are think about choosing between General MBA degree or specialized MBA, then this hub can help you to find out the right MBA graduate degree program for you. Not very long time back, most of the universities used to teach only general MBA courses. Then came the recession of 2000 and most companies started narrowing down their searches which started the trend of specialized degree programs. Its not the case that there wasn't any concept of specialized degree before 2000 but it started to gather more attraction after that. It is good to have a specialized degree if that specialization has good demand in the market. However most universities started many specialized courses just to increase their offerings which meant more students and more profit.


And it took another recession of 2008 to put a dampener to the trend. When in 2008 thousand of MBA professional lost their job then those with specialized degree found it difficult to get into another area due to limitation of their degree program. For example, most of the MBA graduates from investment and insurance area found it bit difficult to get into retail sector because the way their MAB degree program was taught. Since banks were laying out these MBA employees in big numbers, there were fewer jobs in financial sector to absorb these graduates. At the same time retails and marketing jobs were available in good number but due to specialized nature of their MBA degree program, these laid out employees found it difficult to enter retail, marketing or operation areas.

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However, those employees who had their General MBA degree found it relatively easier to find another jobs because they were trained to adopt to any area of management. Most of the universities and industry as a whole noticed this phenomenon and that is the reason most of top tier universities now focus more on General MBA degrees. Even if you look at the campus recruitment trend of top 20 to 30 MBA colleges in the world, student with general MBA get the job offer earlier and easier than specialized MBA. Same is evident from the salary offered however there have been instances where specialized MBA graduate get higher salaries due to specific requirements.

There is one more less significant reason for going for general MBA is that most universities gives masters degree for general MBA degree, while only gives post graduate diploma for specialized MBA program. This may not sound that bug a difference, but some times it matters which applying for visa.

However if you have worked for some time in a particular area of specialization and then planning to do a MBA, it is advisable to go for specialized MBA in that field if you can foresee stability in that field for a long period. Otherwise I would advise to go for a General MBA degree.

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    • profile image

      msmkhana 4 years ago

      The weakness of doing mba specialization is that students have less option in terms of career pursuing and student couldn't learn more. I think student should go for general mba. sometimes students take specialization wrongly which make trouble in later.