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Wildlife Crossing Warnings

Updated on January 28, 2012

Brake For Man And Beast

Brake for man

And also for beast;

Such a move is noble

To say the least.

Drive slowly on nature's behalf,

Please help reduce roadkill now.

It's not pleasant bearing witness to a corpse

Of any kind, anywhere, anyhow.

As a rabbit approaches the road,

Take note of him and please stop.

Thank you for your consideration,

So that safely across he may hop.

Rabbits, foxes, dogs, cats

And other critters, wild or pet,

Shouldn't be at the mercy of cars

Or guns, for that matter, let's not forget.

I know driving can be a lot of fun,

But doing it safely makes it more so--

For man and beast, driver and bystander,

Let our safety precautions show.

Thank you for reading my concerns

Not only about other creatures

But also about us, we must show our respect

For all Earth's natural features.


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