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Wildlife under Threat

Updated on September 14, 2015
mdkshareef111 profile image

I am a high school teacher in Mathematics & Science.I was appointed by GOVT of TS in INDIA. My qualifications are M.Sc.,B.Ed. My Exp:20years

Wildlife under Threat

Woolly Mammoth
Woolly Mammoth
The extinct bird Dodo
The extinct bird Dodo
Snakehead Fritillary
Snakehead Fritillary

The destruction of forests, pollution, climatic changes and extensive hunting has resulted in the extinction of some species of plants and animals, and many more are approaching towards extinction. Man has realized today that destruction of wildlife means an end to his own survival.

The Aak bird of northern polar region, which was commonly seen some 100 years ago, has been so extensively haunted for meat and feather that its whole genus has vanished. Some 300 years ago, the moa bird of New Zealand became extinct. Dodo was a bird found in the Mauritius Island which became extinct about 300years ago as a result of merciless haunting. Thylacine, an animal with pouch, which was also known as wolf of Tasmania, is reported to have become extinct some 300 to 400 years ago. Indian tiger, Indian rhino, pink headed duck are the animals which have become extinct in our country during the present century. The number of rare and endangered animals has been increasing with time.

The destruction rate witnessed during the last few years was never seen before. In a period of 400 ears from 1550 to 1950, on an average, one species of animals have become extinct every year due to ignorance of man. By 1985, this rate increased to one species per day. If such trends continue, then by the end of the present century, 50,000 species will become extinct. Studies show that during 1980 to 2000, about 5, 00,000 species of plants and animals will face extinction i.e. 10% of total plants and animals will become extinct.

Wild life has been under threat of extinction all over the world. Nothing but man’s modern lifestyle is responsible for this situation. In India, this is to a large extent. Today about, 1,000 types of animal and 20,000 types of plant species are endangered. Some rare vertebrates like gala trout, Houston toad, gharial, Californian Condor, Javan rhinoceros, lion, puma, polar bear, antelope, humpback whale and panda have reached the stage of extinction.

Among the plants species, Monkey Orchid, Alpine Catchfly and Snakes Head Fritillary are under threat of extinction. The species of following vertebrates are also facing the danger of extinction.


Wildlife under Threat

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Big Blue ButterflyCalifornian BirdMonk SealPygmy HogPandaWhite RhinocerosLionTiger
Big Blue Butterfly
Big Blue Butterfly
Californian Bird
Californian Bird
Monk Seal
Monk Seal
Pygmy Hog
Pygmy Hog
White Rhinoceros
White Rhinoceros

The control pollution, the effort is on all over the world to bring new area under forests cover. Cutting of forests is banned to prevent further destruction of forests. The wild animals are saved by keeping them in natural environment. In this direction, yellow stone national park was set up in 1872 in USA, which was the first Conservation area of the world, Canada’s Wood Buffalo National Park; Alberta is the world’s biggest conservation park, with an area of 45,480 square km. it was established in 1922. Today, there are 1200 such national parks and animal reserves in the world. India has 59 national parks. Now, zoological parks are also used as conservation areas. About 500 zoos all over the world have saved many animals breeds from extinction.

International union for the conservation of nature and natural resources (IUCN) has done pioneering work for the cause of healthy environment and world wild life fund (WWF). This society has helped a lot to save wildlife.

The wild life can be saved from extinction through the following methods.

  • Prohibiting hunting of animals.
  • Prohibiting the use of leather obtained from the skin of animals.
  • Controlling pollution.
  • Planting more and more trees and preventing cutting of forests.
  • Construction of national parks and reserves.
  • Construction of zoos.

By adopting this method, the wildlife, flora and fauna can be saved from getting extinct.


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    • profile image


      18 months ago

      When I and my friend read the hub we thought that it is also like a boaring but we start reading It help us so much

      Thank HUB!

    • Highland Terrier profile image

      Highland Terrier 

      6 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      when I started reading this hub I became alarmed at the amont of loss, but you have ended on a positive note which is good.

      We may repair some of the harm we have done. I give regularly to two dog charities and a donkey charity, but now I will give a little to the wild life fund you mention.

      Thank you.


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