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Will Artificial Intelligence nourish or destroy the humankind?

Updated on July 25, 2016

Artificial Intlligence

While many mammoth technology firms are working on Artificial Intelligence, did anyone realize how's this going to affect humanity? Everything has its own pros and cons but you can't gamble with human lives for the sake of an easy lifestyle. Many of you may have heard the term Artificial Intelligence before, let me just start by explaining how it works. Some say it as cognitive science while some call it as machine learning. It is actually an advancement of machine learning. Machine learning is where the computer is not programmed particularly to the need instead it teaches itself by facing the need.
It started when human taught a computer to play chess. It learned chess by playing with itself again and again. the name is Deep Blue (like an ocean). The irony happened when it beat Garry Kasparov who is known as a world champion of chess. Now no human can stand the computer in chess. Well, it's not over yet. Recently, Microsoft has introduced an Artificial Intelligence talking-bot in Twitter but they took it back in few days as it learned to do "racial comments" . Now the world has come to a place where scientists are planning to add vision to machines. People learn from their mistakes but if there is no way to coming back, then they need to think before doing the mistake.

Let me bring another example of Artificial Intelligence, it is the self-driving car designed by Google. Maybe you have seen the car as well but it hasn't reached to normal people since they faced some faults in it too.

Are you still hoping that it will help humans with their daily routines? Well, you are right but did you find what are the cons? Push your brain cells little further. The only thing machines lack from us is the "brain" and the only thing a human has is the "vision". If the human renders the machine with an intellect then, they will not oblige us anymore. They can turn themselves to a leader or a traitor. They can spread terror or love. We are not sure yet. Should we stop?If you are not satisfied by the examples yet, you will be after reading the conclusion. Okay, let me conclude the topic with one closing statement.What I am going to convey below is the very first conversation between human and an Artificial Intelligence machine:

Human: Do you think there is God?

AI Robot: Well, there is one now.


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