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Will The LGBT Community Now Support Legal Marijuana?

Updated on July 2, 2015

Gay Marriage VS Recreational Marijuana

Its never easy getting the government to approve of rights that we deserve. With most of the country usually divided on major issues its hard to believe that we can actually make history and affect change in our great nation. Just about a week ago gay marriage was only legal in a few states. Now the Supreme Court has ruled that gay marriage is legal across the nation. seeing the #LoveWins is a very inspiring message on every social media platform. People of all ages were proud to admit they supported the choice of the supreme court by changing their Facebook profile pictures into a rainbow colored profile picture.

So how does the LGBT community differ from Marijuana Supporters? Well actually in many ways they don't! Both groups have to deal with many of the same injustices. Marijuana supporters have to deal with being judged and stereotypes of all kinds. Supporting the legalization of marijuana is hard when so much misinformation about the plant is among us. People call pot heads dumb, fat, and lazy. All of these hurtful things are only part of what we are faced to deal with. Not to mention many sick patients need marijuana to properly deal with their illness. These people will be jailed and have their kids taken away by CPS if they ever decided to smoke a doobie to deal with even the most of serious medical conditions. Even fear of losing your job just for supporting marijuana is a common fear among Americans. Why is it that we can now marry who ever we want but were still not able to choose a safer option than alcohol?

Why Support Recreational Marijuana?

Gay marriage becoming legal was a big win for our Human Rights. That's why I say now its time to start supporting those in need of medical marijuana and even the complete legalization of cannabis! Just like people have the right to love who they want, people should have the option to medicate themselves with a safer option then most other prescriptions medicines. People should have the right to recreationally use marijuana when its clear and unarguable that its safer than tobacco and alcohol. In so many ways I am happy that people now have the option to marry and love who they choose. But in reality ill be even more happier the day that both gay marriage and marijuana are legal at the same time.

Legalizing Cannabis across the states will be a tremendous victory for freedom. Medical marijuana will never be enough. People are being arrested and thrown in jail because of using medical marijuana. CPS is taking away kids because patients have decided to use medical marijuana. When does the circus show end? In a way pot users are treated worst than gays. Many lives have been destroyed because of a harmless plant.

Its only been 1 week but the peoples voice was heard by the supreme court. Enough of playing this legalize one state at a time chess game. It's time that we let the supreme court know we won't be satisfied completely until they also liberate pot users. As a nation we have many world issues and challenges ahead of us. Now that the LGBT community has succeeded in its goal of marriage equality, it is now time to place our full focus on legal cannabis. It's not just our duty but ultimately our responsibility to raise awareness. How can you help raise awareness? Start by doing these simple things.

1.Use social media - You can use facebook and twitter to reach so many people. Start a group, create a page, plan events around your city in support of marijuana legalization.

2. Create a blog or website - Creating a blog or website really isn't as hard as most people think. Also its a good way to draw in extra income.

3. Create or sign petitions - Petitions is one of the best ways to make your voice heard. Also every time someone signs the petition an e-mail goes to the person or organization that the petition is addressed to.

4.Follow the news - Know when events or chance to vote comes up. If you don't vote your not letting your voice be heard to the people who matter the most. Participate as much as you can

5. Word of mouth - Martin Luther King Jr, said "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". Never be afraid to spread the message of truth. Don't worry about getting fired, or losing your kids! This is America, and you have the right to speak for or against anything you wish.

Do You Support Gay Marriage and Legalizing Marijuana?

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