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Will the Sun ever Burn out?

Updated on October 20, 2012

Will the Sun ever Burn out?

The great fire of the sun has burned nonstop for around 5000 million years and there is no apparent sign of it going out. We on earth soak up only about one hundred millionth of the sun’s vast energy. The rest of its awesome output of heart and light vanishes beyond the planets and into space.

The sun is composed of almost 75 percent hydrogen and 2.5 percent helium. Plus much smaller amounts of oxygen, carbon, neon, nitrogen, magnesium, iron and silicon. It is known as a main sequence star, one that shines by burning hydrogen at the sun’s heart the hydrogen was once compressed with such force that it started a nuclear reaction. In this giant furnace, the hydrogen is converted by nuclear fusion into another computable gas, helium, in a reaction similar to that in an h bomb. Thus the sun is both burning fuel and creating it. As the hydrogen store diminishes, its stock of helium grows. The light and hear now coming from the sun were actually produced in its core may million of years ago.

the helium that the sun produces is only about 92.3 percent of the hydrogen it burns. The other 7.7 percent is in several forms of energy, mainly hear, light and s-rays. This loss of hydrogen is slight when compared to the sun’s enormous bulk. Even though it is composed of light gas, the sun weighs some 30000 times as much as the earth. The sun loses about 4 million tones of matter every second.

Scientists predict that the sun has enough hydrogen to keep the fire going for another 5000 million years, about as long as it has already burned.


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      amanda tumle 4 years ago

      cool stuff and to the person who made this website are you a scientist???

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      amanda 4 years ago

      when was this website made