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Wing Design and Flight - A Comparison of Things that Have Wings

Updated on October 5, 2015

The Hummingbirds Wings Beat Fast


Wing Design is Very Important

I am a non-wing person. That said, I am aware that the common bumblebee has all the attributes of a flight machine. Body, length, wings, with one problem. The bumblebee is aerodynamically unable to fly.That's right. The bumblebee, with its large body and small wings is unable to fly.

Well, are you going to do it or am I? -you know - tell the bumblebee, "I'm sorry, bumblebee, but, you cannot fly. You are not capable."

The Dragonfly has Long Wings and Small Body

Like Helicopter
Like Helicopter | Source

Wing Design

How About You

Are you aerodynamic-design inclined?

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Parachute Design Idea?


Nature Gives Inspiration

I think of dandelions and maple tree spinners.

Have you ever watched how when the Maple Tree's lose their spinners, those spinners start to spin and they always spin to the ground very gracefully. So, if you are looking for a great design, a maple leaf spinner shape would be a great design.

You probably already thought of it.


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      Caleb DRC 2 years ago

      Interesting and useful, which is the way I voted.