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Winter Theme Preschool Themes Activities

Updated on January 17, 2013

Winter Activities Are Fun & Healthy For Kids!

Fun Winter Activities & Preschool Themes For Kids

Wintertime is not so much fun for most adults, unless you love skiing, ice skating and enjoy the cold. Kids on the other hand usually really enjoy winter weather.

Kids are usually fascinated with snow and all the things that can be done in the snow and cool weather. When educating children, preschool teachers need to try to develop curriculums or winter themed activities for the children in their care.

The videos on this page and the written text provide some good winter activities for preschool children.

Kids Activities in the Snow:

  • Making snow angels
  • Making footprints in the snow
  • Pulling each other in sleds
  • Making snowmen
  • Making snow forts
  • Tobogganing

Preschool Kids Science Activities in the Snow:

Fill Spray bottles with water. Add a few drops of food coloring to each spray bottle. (Have different colors for each bottle.)

Have the children spray the water on the snow and watch the beautiful colors in the snow.

Snowman Snack for Preschool Children:

  • Large Marshmallows – 3 per child
  • Mini Marshmallows – 2 per child
  • Long thin string licorice (scarf) – ½ per child
  • Chocolate Macaroons – 1 per child
  • 1 tub of icing (vanilla)
  • Toothpicks
  • Popsicle sticks for spreading icing

How to make the Snowman Treat:

Give every child 3 large marshmallows, 2 mini marshmallows, 2 toothpicks, 1 popsicle stick, 1 macaroon and ½ a piece of the string licorice.

Give the children a large dollop of icing on a small paper plate or a piece of paper towel.

Stack the large marshmallows on top of one another by putting some icing in between them so they stick together.

Have the children put a toothpick on either side of the middle marshmallow and put the two little marshmallows on the end of each toothpick for the hands.

Next have the children wrap the licorice around the bottom of the top marshmallow for the scarf.

Lastly, put some icing on top of the top marshmallow and put the macaroon on top for the hat.

Now you have a marshmallow snowman treat that the children can eat for snack or if you can’t wait, make them and eat them right away.

Winter Activities for Preschool Children

Winter Activities for Kids Poll:

What kids of winter activities have you done or do you do with the preschool kids you teach?

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Kids Books About Winter:

How To Make A Paper Snowflake

Making a Paper Snowflake Winter Art Activity:

Ok, so the video above shows simple ways to make paper snowflakes with the kids in your preschool class.

Making paper snowflakes involve cutting out the snowflake designs. There is no right or wrong way to make these paper snowflakes with the children. If you want to make the paper snowflake activity even more of a winter art activity for the preschool children you can do this quite easily.

You can make the paper snowflakes for each child yourself or if you think the children can handle cutting out their snowflake designs that is good as well.

Fine Motor Skills Benefits for Children:

Cutting the paper snowflakes out using child safe scissors is actually a great fine motor skills activity for developing the small muscles of the hands and fingers in your child.

Once the snowflakes are cut out, you could allow the children to use glue sticks or paste to coat their apper snowflakes. They could then use glitter to sprinkle onto their snowflake to add some fun colors and texture.

If you don't wish to use glitter you could allow the children to paint or color their paper snowflakes with paints, markers or crayons. There really is no right or wrong ideas for this winter art activity for kids.

Use your imagination and keep it fun and exciting for the preschool children and they will love it.

Winter Song & Creative Movement Activity for Kids

Winter Song & Creative Movement Ideas

The Winter song and creative movement activities for kids video highlights some simple winter songs for preschool children. The preschool winter song goes like this.

Dance Like Snowflakes

(sung to: frere jacques - original author unknown)

Dance Like Snow flakes, dance like snowflakes,

In the air, in the air;

Whirling, twirling, snowflakes,

Whirling, twirling, snowflakes,

Here and there, here and there.

Creative Movement Activity:

Cut out, or use various store bought snowflakes that each child can use as a prop and float and move around the preschool classroom as a snowflake to the song. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to creative movement for kids. It's all about the children expressing themselves. *Make sure to supervise the children at all times*


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