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Wisdom, power and love

Updated on September 17, 2011

When the shepherd prince Paris of Troy gave the golden Apple to Aphrodite, he won one friend, but made two enemies.

You may wonder why these goddess besought justice from a shepherd? Were gods and goddess just bored by the quiet life in Heaven that they provoked human to fight for fun just like we play cock-fighting or horse-racing? Or the gods purposely trained human being to fight for them to resolve their political disputes as we trained war animals -- horses, elephants, and dogs -- to fight for us?

Among the Greek heroes, Achilles was gifted with mighty strength, the giant-like Ajax had unequal courage, Nestor wise counsel, and Odysseus the cunning mind. They were in alliance with Wisdom and Power. On the contrary, Trojans had only Love, the King Priam of Troy was angry when he heard what Paris had done, his people were resentful to the prince Paris, many were the hard words sent after him as he walked through the streets of the city, though none spoke against the lovely Helen. The Trojans seemed on the injustice side of the war, they were doomed to lose.

Athene the goddess fought with the brave Greek hero Diomedes, while Aphrodite was on the side of the Trojans. Actually one of the captains of Trojan Aeneas was the son of Aphrodite, when he down fell by a huge stone flung by Diomedes, everything went black around him, the goddess Aphrodite picked him up from the ground and bore him away from his foe.

Diomedes ran after Aphrodite and smote her on her snow-white wrist. She dropped Aeneas with a cry and fled. Another god seized the Trojan and was carrying him away to safety, when bold Diomedes sought to prevent him. He could not see the god who held Aeneas, but fiercely struck at the place in which he thought the rescuer stood.

The gods and goddess at one time visible, at another invisible to human. Another fact was that God could be wounded by earthly weapons. Even the war god himself were wounded by a spear thrown by Diomedes.

When Diomedes striking blindly at those god who were rescuing Aeneas, he heard a terrible voice, “Beware, thou bold Greek! Thou art warring with a god!” Then he dared no more and drew back afraid. It was quit clear that fighting between man and god had never happened before, it might be unprecedented even to god, so the voice warned Diomedes the fact that he had cross the line which human were forbidden to trespass.

But nevertheless, all rules just broken down, everything once impossible now just became reality, the world fell into confusion: there came many gods and goddesses down to the battle, and warred with one another and with the Greeks and Trojans, some on one side and some on the other. The tangled fight began until the war god mars himself was defeated.

Soon Athene found Diomedes, and ordered him to fight the war god Mars who was leading the Trojan, Athene herself drove the chariot for Diomedes.

Diomedes hurled his weapon at mars under the guidance of Athene, and the spear pierced Mars in the thigh, wounding him sorely. Then the war-god let out a fearful cry of anguish and swept from the battlefield up to the sky.

Then came the decisive moment of Trojan war. Obviously, Aphrodite lack of insight into the cunning plan of Odysseus, if she was not deceived by Athene, why didn't she intervene when Trojans drag the wooden horse into the city?

Were all these stories just symbols of wisdom, power and love? Or the great war did happen between gods with the help of human?


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    • DynamicS profile image

      Sandria Green-Stewart 

      7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Great insights from mythology. I suppose the struggle for power, wisdom and love is endless; humanity constantly search for these despite the fact that we all have them within. I guess that these stories mean that the struggle/fight is within as much as without and will continue to eternity despite enlightenment.


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