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Timber Wolf of the North Endangered or Not. Also Known As The Gray Wolf.

Updated on April 7, 2018

Timber Wolf

Timber Wolf
Timber Wolf

Wolf Packs Up North

Wolf packs in the north have grown. We are now seeing them around where we live. Our son lives just down the road from us and has had them in his yard. He followed wolf tracks into our driveway.

Last winter we were driving down the highway just about into town when a wolf jumped in front of our car after a deer was on the run from the wolf. The deer ended up in front of the cars in front of us and walked slowly down highway staying close to the cars. Everyone slowed down to let the deer walk close by. The wolf then took off in the other direction. The deer went in the opposite direction of the wolf and was safe for another day.

There is a big gray wolf hanging out near our house. One of the hunters got a picture of him on his field camera. I'm going to try to get the picture on here, but I don't know this person well.

Dead Deer From Wolves

About 5940 deer may be consumed by wolves annually. 40,000 deer hit by cars each year, and about 450,000 deer shot by hunters each year.


Gray Wolf or Timeber Wolf On Our Road

We use to live on a lake and to go into town we had to take a long winding wooded road out to the highway. There was always lots of wildlife on this road. One day I saw something in the bushes alongside the road and I stopped to see what it was. It was a wolf. I rolled my window down just a little and talked to the wolf. He sat right there looking right at me not moving a muscle then he just turned and walked into the woods. I saw the wolf a few more times.

When I got home and I told my husband about him he said:

  1. Must be a coyote
  2. Must be a malamute
  3. Couldn't be a wolf

I said, "NO, it wasn't a dog. I know what a coyote looks like. It was a wolf."


Later I ran into a lady who lived right by where I had seen the wolf. She told me about seeing a wolf around her place. They had spotted it and wondered if anyone else had.

I was thrilled to go home and tell my husband I wasn't the only one who had seen the wolf. I was the only one who had talked to the wolf.

Picture of the gray wolf to the right looks like the wolf I saw. The picture of the wolf in the weeds is exactly like he was looking at me.

Wisonsin Wolf Attacks on Dogs

The wolf count for 2014 was 658 to 687 wolves. Many believe the deer count is going down because of the wolves. Which would mean no deer for many hunting! As of Jan 27, 2012, wolves are no longer on the federal endangered list for this state. The wolf count for 2011 was 800 wolves.Total count in Wisconsin of timber wolves (gray wolves ) (Canis lupus) for 2008 is 520.

The farmers aren't happy about them because they have attacked livestock. Just recently in Wisconsin they attacked exotic sheep. The man had a special breed of mix dog which included Spanish Mastiff which he used for guard dogs and wolves also killed two of the dogs.

They have attacked and killed the wild animals, Pets are going to cross paths with them there is just not much we can do about it. We keep our dogs in an electric fence so they can't get out of the yard, but a wolf could come into the yard just like the bears do. If we're going to live in the country, we have to expect it. There were 17 dogs killed in 2014.

Alpha male and female wolf mate for life. Only the alpha female of the pack has pups.

Even though they are off the list of endangered you still can't go out and hunt them. I'm sure as the numbers grow there will be a hunting season for them just like for bear.

My family members were born and raised here and they are hunters, but I see no real reason in hunting a wolf they are not food. People won't be cutting them up putting them in their freezer for food for the winter. To me, there is no use in it. If the packs grow to big and too many wolves I can understand needed to control them.

658 to 687 wolves

Singer Taylor Mitchell
Singer Taylor Mitchell | Source

Wolf Attacks On Humans.

There are stories of attacks on humans. While walking in areas where wolves are humans should use caution. The DNR says to throw anything you have rocks or whatever to run off a wolf. If it's a pack of wolves, you're in trouble. They are out for food and don't connect the difference between a human or a deer.

There was a school teacher in Alaska who was fatally attacked by wolves. She was jogging listen to her iPod when the attack in this rural area of Alaska. She was a teacher who traveled around from school to school in Alaska rural areas.

If coyotes can kill a folk singer on a path many people traveled on then why wouldn't a wolf also attack humans. I saw the story of this attack on tv on the National Geographic channel, and they said the coyotes were coyote-wolf hybrids. I see so many stories on the Internet where people will say wolves have never attacked humans. Just not true.

We have a friend who walks in an area where there is wolf pack and we have warned her to carry a gun just in case.

When you walk in an area where there are known packs of wolves precautions should be taken. We have heard the stories around here about wolf packs going after people, but how true they are I wouldn't know.

Kenton Joel Carnegie a 22-year-old man and a student at Ontario University. Killed by wolves in Ontario.

A Sweden zoo keeper was killed by wolves.

Black Wolf

 Timber Wolf of the North
Timber Wolf of the North | Source

Black Wolf

My husband works for a potato farm and says there is a wolf pack out there. They see them in the fields. He said one of the wolves is all black.

Of course, I said to him you're just seeing a coyote!

This year 2011 there is more than one black wolf in the field. They have seen them even up close to the greenhouses. The potato farm doesn't worry about them. There is nothing they can hurt there unless they were to stalk the humans who work in this area

They are brave they have no problem following the tractors around the field. The guy who drives the tractor said he doesn't know what they expect to get from the tractor unless it's him. The tracker is digging up the ground and they could be looking for mice, shews, or grubs. If they're hungry they would eat anything.

We recently saw a wolf on a deer kill on the highway. I wanted a picture, but it was hard to get one with so many cars slowing down to look. I didn't want to cause an accident by trying to get the picture.


Tracking A Wolf

Learn how to track a wolf. There are classes on this, it will only cost you $800.00. Way more than I would pay for a class but they have no trouble getting people in the class. I saw a story of it on TV and was shocked at how many people were in the class. There will always be an interest in wolves.

Timber Wolf of the North
Timber Wolf of the North | Source

Wolf Season In Wisconsin

Wolf season did open up in Wisconsin in Oct. At least four wolves were killed on the first day. One was killed in Oneida County and another was killed in Vilas County both counties near us.

Endangered Resources Fund

Endangered Resources Fund on the Wisconsin Income Tax Form, purchases of Endangered Resources License Plates and support of private groups who promote sound wolf management.

Wolves are endangered and need to be protected, but there are times when they are a danger to people and pets. They are putting radio collars on as many as they can to track them and see what their movements are.

Wolf Tracks


The Wolf I Saw Nov 30, 2012

I was in the yard around Halloween, it was dark out. I was taking a picture of my bottle tree with pumpkin in front of it. Before I went out there we had heard howling. I was being silly saying " come here puppy, puppy." We actually did think it might be a dog lost in the swamp area behind our land.

I'm standing there with my camera when I hear footsteps coming towards me then I heard a growl. I took off and headed for the deck. I can't say for sure what it was, but I don't think it was a dog and I know it wasn't a bear.

Last night our cat got out and I was calling him, but he wasn't showing up so I went in the house and turned on the yard light that's when I saw the timber wolf run down our driveway heading for the meadow where the deer hang out.

We took some pictures of his tracks not real good but the best we could get.

The cat was fine and showed up a few minutes later.

The wolf den below is not far from our house. We don't know if the wolves are still using it, but there were tracks to the den at one time.

Wolf Den

Wolf Den
Wolf Den | Source

Wolf and Deer

My son and his friends were snowmobiling last night. The woman in front of him saw a wolf running after a deer. We wished she had a GoPro on her helmet and we could have seen the whole thing.

She saw this right across from my house in the fields. She said she couldn't believe how big the wolf was, a male wolf can be 6.5 feet from nose to tip of tail and can weigh 175 pounds.

Wolf Attack

© 2008 moonlake


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    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from America

      toptendeals, I would love to see a white wolf. Thanks so much for stopping by I appreciate it.

    • toptendeals profile image

      Jason Benedict 

      7 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida

      I love the beauty of white wolves. White wolves are featured in the Game of Thrones tv series though they are actually a breed of dogs that look like wolves to keep the child actors safer.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from America

      Becky Puetz, Thank you and thanks so much for stopping by. They can be frighten a person I would not want to run up on one while walking my little dog, he would make a good lunch for the wolf.

    • Becky Puetz profile image


      7 years ago from Oklahoma

      wow, to me seeing these wolves so nearby would really frighten me. This was a very interesting hub. Thanks

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from America

      Pamdora, Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate the comment and the vote.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Here in southern Arizona, we don't currently have wolves but do have plenty of coyotes. Our local pack have become our friends; we know each other AND each other's boundaries. That pack is no threat...and they keep others (and also the roving javelinas) safely away from out abode.

      Like you, we deeply appreciate the critters but never make the mistake of being too trusting. We know PEOPLE who snap and kill people, and animals are people, too. :)

      Voted Up and More.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from America

      crazyhorsesghost, Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate your comment.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from America

      dahoglund, Thank you for stopping by. Glad you liked the hub.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from America

      MG Singh, Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from America

      Peggy W, That is true we have to be careful and our dog can't go running out of the yard but we never know when the wolf might come in the yard. Thanks for stopping by and for votes and sharing.

    • crazyhorsesghost profile image

      Thomas Byers 

      7 years ago from East Coast , United States

      I work with them on a daily basis and they are so intelligent. They are very social animals and love one another just like a human family would. When pups are born the entire pack takes care of the pups. I feel extremely honored to be friends with several of them.

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 

      7 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      Very informative. I can sympathize with both sides in the debate about preserving wolves. Since I have mostly lived in cities and on't hunt, I have no real involvement with wolves except I have met people with pet wolves and/or wolf-dogs.sharing

    • MG Singh profile image

      MG Singh 

      7 years ago from UAE

      This was a wonderful post.Enjoyed it

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      It would be wonderful to think that the wildlife can co-exist with human habitation and that all would be well. Unfortunately sometimes this gets amiss. On the one hand, it must be wonderful to see the wildlife like the wolves living in the wild. On the other hand, obviously you need to be aware of precautionary actions to keep not only yourselves safe, but your pets as well. Up and interesting votes and sharing.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from America

      A schoool teacher in Alaska was killed by a wolf. If you get a chance to watch the story about the singer you should it was very interesting. It's called KILLED BY COYOTES on the National Geographic Channel.

      I know you trust wolves but I would not. Their in the dog family dogs do attack humans. High bred wolf dogs often kill humans.

      I also love the wildlife and I respect it. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment it was so nice of you to do that.

    • pagesvoice profile image

      Dennis L. Page 

      8 years ago from New York/Pennsylvania border

      I thoroughly enjoyed this article. I am fascinated with wolves. As a matter of fact a few decades ago I even had a one of a kind wolf tattoo put on my arm. I tell people, that I am like the wolf because we are both misunderstood. Honestly, I was surprised by one comment you made. I personally have never heard of a wolf attacking a human being. I know coyotes will, but wolves I don't think so. I have a plethora of animals in my backyard from coyotes to wild turkeys to even the occasional bear. I can't imagine living is a city and missing these sights on a daily basis.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from America

      nifty@50, You are so right they are that. They are beautiful but they are wild and I wouldn't want to run into one while walking or bears or cougars.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

    • nifty@50 profile image


      8 years ago

      They really are an essential part of the wild life food chain and a beautiful thing to behold! Great hub moonlake!

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from America

      debbie roberts,

      Thanks for stopping by. Humans are always the ones that threaten any of our wildlife. Some people just don't care.

      Thanks for the vote.

    • debbie roberts profile image

      Debbie Roberts 

      9 years ago from Greece

      I watched a documentary on them a while back and realised they work better as a team than a lot of humans.

      Once again it's us humans threatening the survival of yet another wonderful animal.

      Thank you for educating us with some facts and it must be fascinating to live in such close proximity with these animals.

      A good hub and voted up.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from America

      sgbrown, Thank you for stopping by my hub. Our son had two wolves in his yard last week. Thank you for the vote.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from America

      thumbi7, Thank you for stopping by. It was nice to see the deer get away. If it people hadn't helped I don't think he would have.

    • sgbrown profile image

      Sheila Brown 

      9 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

      What a wonderful hub! I think it is a shame that people want to kill them. The habitat was theirs first, people moved in. People should have to deal with letting them live there too. Voted up and interesting! :)

    • thumbi7 profile image

      JR Krishna 

      9 years ago from India

      "Everyone slowed down let the deer walk close by...... The deer went in the opposite direction and was safe for another day......."

      Brought smile on my face

      Wonderful hub!

      Thanks for SHARING:)

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from America

      tillsontitan, Thanks for stopping by and leaving comment and thanks for the up vote.

      I really don't know much about other states but here the wolves are protected. Recently some people have been in trouble because the authorities believe they have been killing wolves. As far as I'm concerned there is no excuse for that going on.

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 

      9 years ago from New York

      I like the way you tell your story; your husband sounds a lot like mine! I was just reading an article about wolves in Friends of Animals, Action Line. What a double edged sword the wolf's life is. I'm hearing what you say about the dangers to humanity and our dogs but I'm also hearing what they say about wolves being slaughtered. They were removed from the endangered species list in 2009 and as a result the number of wolves is dwindling. It would be a shame to wipe out a population that we are forcing to deal with us! Hope they can find a middle ground. Voted up and interesting.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from America

      AliciaC, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. They are beautiful animals.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from America

      Cutters, Thanks for stopping by. No kidding about the killing many people hate them and will try to kill them. Sad.

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 

      9 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      I love learning about wolves and enjoyed your hub. Wolves are interesting and majestic animals. It was lovely to hear the wolf howl in your first video. I was impressed by the data showing how insignificant the number of deer killed by wolves is each year compared to the number of deer killed by cars and hunters.

    • Cutters profile image


      9 years ago from South Carolina

      People in general do not think about how they affect this world we live in. They think I am only one person, so what if I go and kill these animals. Thanks for the Hub moonlake !

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from America

      MSantana, Thank you, for stopping by and leaving a comment. You could be right about the tractor.

    • MSantana profile image


      9 years ago from Madison Wisconsin

      Thank you for your hub. You make a great point with the numbers. Deer hit by cars and shot by hunters outnumber the wild predator. It is unfortunate that we have forgotten to coexist with the other species. Beautiful contribution.

      My hypotheses for deer after the tractor is that they like earth worms and beetle larvae or they may just enjoy a dust bath...or are waiting for him to kill the deer for them.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from America

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. They are beautiful.

    • jwhitman profile image


      9 years ago from Albany, New York

      Ever since I was a child I have absolutely loved wolves. They are really beautiful creatures. My husband is part Native American so he has enstilled his love for the wolf into our daughters as well. Great hub.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from America

      Thank you, and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    • Sue1226 profile image


      10 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      I loved your article about the timber wolf, My favorite animal is the wolf, Family and friends say I like or love wolves because I'm part Indian I don't know what that has to do with any thing but I do love those pictures you have.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from America

      They are a treat to see but I wouldn't want one in my yard around any of my pets. They do come and walk through our yards. My daughter-in-law watched one walking around her their yard which is just down the road from us.

    • AJHargrove profile image


      11 years ago from USA

      I'm sooo jealous. Never seen or heard wolves in the wild. Just coyotes. Wolves are more majestic than them, though.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago from America

      Well, I had a big north woods week this week. Driving home on Monday on the highway near our house a very big black bear ran out in front of the car.

      Yesterday on my way into town I had noticed a dead deer along side the road. Then on the way home I saw the dead deer again and there was something standing beside it. It was a timber wolf you can't imagine how big they are until you see them up close. He was so large. The cars on the highway were all slowing down to look. Just across the road from the wolf was miniature golf with people there, that's how close the wolves will come to humans. I turned around to try and get a picture but by that time he was gone.

      You know how dogs wag their tails even if their going to bite you. This guy kept his back hunched and his head up watching all the cars with his tail between his legs. His coloring was pretty close to the picture of the wolf at the top of this page.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      12 years ago from America

      Thank you....thanks for stopping by.

    • Debby Bruck profile image

      Debby Bruck 

      12 years ago

      Well written article that is close to your heart. Wonderful close up pictures of the wolf. Stay safe.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      12 years ago from America

      Authorities are trying to determine who shot a female gray wolf that was found dead near Fort McCoy in Monroe County on opening weekend of the Wisconsin gun deer season.

      Conservation Warden Matt Modjeski of the state Department of Natural Resources said it wasn't clear whether the wolf was killed Saturday or Sunday.

      The DNR said a deer hunter reported the dead wolf at 2:45 p.m. Sunday in the town of New Lyme east of Cataract, as area known to have a resident wolf population.

      The warden said the wolf was being sent to Madison for a necropsy as part of the investigation.

      Wolves are listed as an endangered species in Wisconsin.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      12 years ago from America

      Thanks for comment justmesuzanne.

    • justmesuzanne profile image


      12 years ago from Texas

      Good article, and I agree with silvatungfox. Boycott trips to Alaska and anything that comes from there, including Sarah Palin. That story reminds me of when I wrote Bush protesting the slaughter of horses in Texas for human consumption abroad, and I got put on his e mail list and the e mail list for the Republican party but got no response regarding the horses. It took years to close those slaughterhouses down.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      12 years ago from America

      Thank you for visiting my hubs.

    • Netters profile image


      12 years ago from Land of Enchantment - NM

      They are such beautiful animals. Thank you for sharing.

    • moonlake profile imageAUTHOR


      12 years ago from America

      Thanks for all comments. If I get a chance to ever go to Alaska I will go but thinks for your comments. There are many ways of hunting and trapping I don't like and they go on right here in my own state I would have to move to boycot and I'm not going to do that. The best way to handle it is by boycotting, writing letters or whatever you feel will work.

    • Barbie-Perkins profile image


      12 years ago from Cincinnati, OH


      From looking at your pictures, a wolf looks like a beautiful animal but it also seems to be agrssive and dangerous.  The area where you live seems to be full of many kinds of beautiful wild animals. 

      Thanks for sharing.  ~  Barbie Perkins

    • silvatungfox profile image

      Maurine Dodge 

      12 years ago from Southern California

      I trust you will also be boycotting visits to Alaska since they think it great sport to machine gun wolves from heliocopters. Did I mention how I wrote a letter of protest about this practice to Governor Palin and got back a travel brochure?

      I support wolf management. The wolf is one of the few species that mates for life.. and that in itself is worth study if not emulation.

    • Scottie JD profile image

      Scottie JD 

      12 years ago

      What a wonderful photo of that black wolf. Loved this article

    • RGraf profile image

      Rebecca Graf 

      12 years ago from Wisconsin

      We have a den right down the road. It is so cool to walk outside and hear them.


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