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Wood flooring its impact on the energy of your house

Updated on April 14, 2015

Wood Flooring

Many housewives avoid this type because it needs special care and certain cleaning methods.

Energy scientists, however, recommend using this type of wood flooring because it is more humane and closer to the energy of human body, as it is from plant origin, where the wood is still the closest to the human and even wood and human reflections are very similar.

Wood Flooring

When using wood into house installation, it does not defend human only, but also it drives its positive effects into the human body. According to the type of wood, the house residents can be affected, as it helps to achieve well-being and prosperity and affects their personality as well.

Unfortunately, the use of wood flooring has become very rare in spite of the benefits of wood as it provides human with energy that helps the continuation of life for a long time because the wood energy is net and pure, so you can see that wood is being used in construction processes significantly.

This thing helps human to live in difficult conditions and resist negative energies while it helps to stimulate the body after a long working day or during sickness, so wood is the best type for flooring and the best types of wood are those which are extracted from pine, oak and beech trees.


Talking about the other types of flooring; tiles or ceramic, we find that cement is used in the composition of this type. Cement does not carry any special energy, but it is a material-absorbent energy as it affects everything in the emotional aspects and withdraws joy and fun from human, not to mention the additives to cement, e.g. sand . Sand is a reflective material as it pushes away the bad and good energy, so the addition of sand to cement has no defensive effect, but it adversely affects human.


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