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Words That Have Lost Meaning

Updated on November 9, 2012

There are many words out there that people throw around that have actually lost their meaning. They have just become empty, meaningless words that people think make them sound genuine or profound, but in reality just makes everyone tune out. They have become filler words. Here are just a few:


"Oh my God, I love you all"; "This is to all my fans out there! I love you!" Just two examples of the word "love" being used when we actually mean "like" or even to mean that we don't absolutely hate something. Love is a very strong term, but people use it for absolutely everything. People "love" a certain TV show, the President, a country, a band, a supermarket etc. Do you think singers and actors actually love their fans? No. They love the money they make because of their fans.


Everyone who does anything nice or good is automatically labelled a "hero". The US must have the most heroes per capita in the world if we believe the media. The word is used to describe people who actually deserve it (firefighters, police etc.) to those who don't deserve it at all, like someone who brings a cat down from a tree, or calls 911 from a crime scene. These actions aren't always automatically heroic. Oftentimes it is people just doing their job. They are expected to do certain things, and have supposedly signed up for the job knowing this. Other times it's just called being a responsible citizen.


If something it is amazing, then it should be extraordinary. The X-Factor and The Voice judges calling every singer on stage "amazing" means the same thing as if they were saying "yup, you sang". It is meaningless. If someone is truly an amazing singer then they would be noticed and not sent home. People would take notice without some supposedly qualified "star" like Adam Levine forcing himself to call every act he sees "amazing."


Yes, this is used for every and anything. So much so that it has lost its true meaning of being some unusually impressive, large, or important event. Now it has come to mean "good", "OK", "I agree". It is so overused that it actually means nothing.


99% of the people we call friends are actually acquaintances. People you meet once or twice, or who you remember vaguely from High School are not friends, but acquaintances. Just think about how much personal information about yourself you would be willing to tell all of these people. That will give you a clear idea of who is a friend and who is an acquaintance. You'll find that we all have a lot fewer friends than we think.

Any Others?

Feel free to throw out any other over, or wrongly used words or phrases that you know of in the "comments" section!


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    • frantisek78 profile image

      frantisek78 5 years ago

      @nisargmehta : Thanks! Glad you found it useful.

    • nisargmehta profile image

      NISARG MEHTA 5 years ago from SURAT, Gujarat, India

      Very useful for my training sessions.. Thank you..

      Sharing it for sure.. [Smiles]