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Words for meditation

Updated on December 29, 2009

These are some wisdom words for meditation.

- If you have messages to send, choose a trustful man or go yourself .

- Don't eat too much, it's better to give the surplus to a dog than to eat while your stomach is full.

- It's better sometimes to leave five minutes earlier than five minutes later.

- Don't be too good or people will climb over you be too strict or people will reject you.

-The higher hand that gives is over the lower hand that receives.

- Water is stronger than fire.

- In the alternance of days and nights, there are signs for meditation.

- You can trample the blind once, but never twice. The second time he will not have excuses.

- The thief's best wish? A market in the dark.

-The most dangerous place of the world? The bed. 80 per cent of men die inside.

- A man said: " my worse enemy is the one who gives me a thing regularly but one day he fails to give me this same thing.

- If you want to know what a man really worth, make him face three things: money, power and woman. Then you will see what kind of man he is.

- It doesn't matter whether you hit the zebra in the white stripe or in the black one. Only the result counts.

- Be always with those who know more than you. On the other hand don't be reluctant to teach to others what you know.

- To eat with the devil,  make sure you have a very long fork.

- Don't know who to trust. your best friend could be your worst enemy and your worst enemy your best friend.

- Every day you go to the well but one day the bottom will draw off.

- I have not tasted a thing more bitter than poverty.

- I endured the wood, I endured the iron , I  endured all the hard things but one thing I couldn't support is a bad neighbour.



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