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Tips for Practicing Math Percentages

Updated on February 10, 2016
Practice Percentages in Math
Practice Percentages in Math

Working with Percentages Math

Percent is the symbol "%" and is used in our daily lives, it is the major part of business. Percents are used in businesses; such as banks, federal taxes, loans, credit card interest, store sale discounts, student’s school grades, etc. So what does percent mean? For example; you have a large square that contains 100 small squares. There are 42 of those small squares that are colored red. But 42 out of 100 is 42 hundredths. Therefore 42 hundredths of the large square is colored. 42 hundredths written as a numeral naming a common fraction is 42⁄100 and as a numeral naming a decimal fraction is .42. Both stand for the part of the large square that is colored red.

Another way of showing that 42 hundredths of the square is shaded red. We can say that 42 percent, written 42%, of the square is shaded red. This means, percent means hundredths.

Percent is a fraction in which the number over the % sign is considered the numerator and the % sign represents the denominator 100. It is equal to a two-place decimal fraction or to a common fraction having 100 as its denominator.

100% of anything is 100⁄100 of it or all of it. Any percent less than 100% is equal to a fraction less than 1.

100% is equal to 1. Any percent more than 100% is equal to a number greater than 1. A percent may also be considered a ratio. 83% which is equals 83⁄100 is the ratio of 83 to 100. Example 83% = 83⁄100.

Practice Percentage Problems
Practice Percentage Problems

Practice Percentage Problems

1. Show your work or illustrate these percent's, for each draw a 100-square, then cover up the part purposing to the given percent.

  • a. 17%
  • b. 73%
  • c. 8%
  • d. 80%
  • e. 100%

2. Problems "a. through n." show each of the following as a percent:

  • a. 20 hundredths
  • b. 7 hundredths
  • c. 33 1/2 hundredths
  • d. 61.5 hundredths
  • e. 205 hundredths
  • f. 4 1/4 hundredths
  • g. 3.9 hundredths
  • h. 1/2 hundredths
  • i. 5.75 hundredths
  • j. 255 2/3 hundredths
  • k. 1 hundredths
  • l. 3/4 hundredths
  • m. 0.5 hundredths
  • n. 60 hundredths

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Percentage Practice Questions

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