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World War 3 is with the Islamic State

Updated on December 21, 2015
The Cauldron
The Cauldron
Face of Good
Face of Good
Face of evil
Face of evil

World War 3 has started and the world powers seem totally inept to simply crush it. It boggles the mind. Think about this. While there are a handful of nations willing to use military force against ISIS or the Islamic State, there are far more nations applying non-military measures. Yet, as if there is an invisible force field dome protecting ISIS, nothing much seems to deter it. Even destroying over 400 of its oil transport tanker trucks that haul the black gold to covert and the black market at half the selling price, does not seem to put a dent in their ability to earn over $2,000,000 a month. Attacking their economic means to support itself would seem to bring it to their knees, yet it has not. ISIS continues to spread its satanic-like cult and false religion into Libya and Afghanistan. They are mankind’s cancer that continues to spread via the Internet, social media and a reluctance by the world powers to really make it a war. Instead, they talk about strategy, they use minimum force to pinprick from the air and basically, try to look like they are serious about it when they are not.

The war is about the hearts and minds of those crazies who for whatever reason are attracted to ISIS. Their motivations are driven by pure personal reasons of anger, revenge, jealousy, hate, loneliness, and whatever the devil is able to lure them into. The Vietnam War was about the same thing-winning the hearts and minds, which the USA failed miserably at. They won most of the battles, but the lost the war. History is repeating and yet, Obama is in denial about it. Now, the US supports the man who caused the Syrian war that has killed over 200,000 Syrians- President Assad. Obama has switched again, prior, he was saying Assad must go.

This new type of war is all over the map and not confined. It almost makes one think that it could be the beginning of the Final Days, when the Middle East is at the center of the world’s attention, in conflict, and the threat of nuclear mishap. This threat will be much more real once Iran has a nuclear bomb in 5-10 years. It makes one think that maybe the forces of Satan via ISIS and its perverted view of Islam, has been allowed to happen because it IS the beginning of Tribulations, and of course, this is spelled out in the Bible.

There is no question, this will grow much worse and like a whirlpool, suck more and more of the world’s attention and military might. The power of Good are simply still in their denial state about it. Political correctness and laws prevent Good powers from preventing their attacks from those far away from the evil, yet are followers of ISIS. Preventing the lone wolf is near impossible. And many lone wolf attacks can create a paranoia.

Yes, ISIS can be seriously put in the ER state by carpet bombing Raqqa, it’s capital. That would be just a start. But in this PC world, the Good powers are not willing to kill innocent bystanders for the greater good. Sometimes, it must be done. It was done in Vietnam, WW2, and greatly expedited the end saving thousands of soldier’s lives. After it is done, send in ground forces to occupy the city until order is restored.

Of course, if ISIS is a force from Satan and allowed to spread, there is only one entity that can stop it and will stop it. Mankind will not be able to do it.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 24 months ago

      It does have that scale... keeps getting worse...

    • emge profile image

      Madan 24 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Excellent, I couldnt agree more with you. I am sure WW III is on an it is creation of Islam