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World Views or Paradigms

Updated on January 29, 2015

Tolerance and Cooperation

The Urban dictionary defines a paradigm as a set of ideas or ways to live and view the world . (1)

I have selected eight different paradigms or world views to describe what I think is going on in the world today and in the past. I was stimulated by a speech from Daniel Sheehan at a conference he spoke at.

I personally like the idea of promoting tolerance and cooperation between people that have different view points, or world views.

I get excited when I hear about the project called the Worldview Project by the Romero Institute (2) that is working to publish a comprehensive examination of eight different worldviews. Their purpose is to help us to cooperate even if we have differing world views. I like that.

Picture of world views
Picture of world views | Source

8 World Views according to the Romero Institute

Here are the eight world views or paradigms as I understand them from Daniel’s speech.

The first paradigm or world view is the primitive, shamanic, or native and aboriginal people world view. In this world view, there is no such thing as good or bad so the people in this world view or paradigm need a war lord or chieftain to tell them what is right.

The second world view is the fundamentalist world view where everything is either good or bad; Black or White. This dialectic viewpoint does not allow for discussion of loyal opposition or differing cultural values. We find this in some of our politicians.

The third world view is where each person is responsible for themselves and with free will can oppose an uncertain purposelessness or hostile environment of the world.

The fourth world view is the scientific positive or classical world view where science is the answer and nothing else matters. Things are as they are in this world view and cannot be changed.

The fifth world view is the platonic or idealistic world view. In this world view there is no spiritual values, only physical and provable values but they exist for the betterment of mankind.

The sixth world view is the quantum physics world view which since 1923 has taught us we are all indeed one and everything is one. This world view is still stuck on validating things in the physical world as we did in world view five, but we realize we are part of the situation. Not like people stuck in the fourth or fifth world view.

The seventh world view has a source for our oneness. The source is the eternal infinite consciousness that is undifferentiated and exterior to the physical cosmos. Many people think we are moving into this world view today (2015).

In the eighth paradigm or world view we know we have contact with other extraterrestrial beings and they help us understand the flow of it all. Anyone like Whitley Strieber(3), or others that have been taken up in spaceships and now look at these beings as helping us, may have this world view or live in this paradigm.

Are Aliens Real?

Jeff Neff's Mother Ship
Jeff Neff's Mother Ship

Very Interesting...

I personally find all of this interesting. It helps us talk about different ideas when we look at different groups of people. The problem for me is when we divide people into these groups we are not trying to help each other, unless we can accept people for who they are and for how they think. Do you know anyone stuck in any one of these world views?



(3) Solving the Communion Enigma: by Whitley Strieber (Author)


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