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Updated on February 24, 2010

Why called "worst"?

This hub is based on a variety of different subjects. Just to clear my mind of the information flowing through it, I've decided to create a hub on the worst of the worst. Not necessarily based on a certain topic, you will learn some new things today lol.

Worst Drug To Use

Currently, the worst drug to use is Herion. Because of the intense reactions to withdrawal, its a drug that many users can not come back from. This drug forces the user to become addicted. It gives the user a feeling of not having a choice in the matter of whether they can stop using it or not because withdrawal can have some very dangerous effects to the body.

How long before withdrawal starts?

It is said that withdrawal can start in as little as 6 hours after the last usage of Heroin. After 6-24 hours, the user will start the feel the physical effects of withdrawal. These withdrawal effects can be fatal, so do not use!!

What are the biggest risks?

The biggest risk is you can die from overdose. Some other serious issues with using Heroin is the use of needles, which can lead to HIV (Human Immunodefiency Virus) due to sharing. Its highly addictive and will leave you bankrupt (more like an opinion)


Worst Affiliate Program Ever

This is based on my personal opinion. I may be wrong. There may be a worse program out there than this one, but this is the worst one I have ever used.

NetKlix- Even the name sounds like a scam. This isn't a case of a good website turned bad by the third party websites. Its a case of a bad website turning good third party websites bad. Netklix is crap!! I wouldn't wish the disappointment upon anyone. I used this program for a long time and actually generated sells. I even purchased a product from my own affiliate link just to see if the website would pay, and to my expectations, nothing!! I didn't even earn from a product I purchased from my affiliate link on someone else's computer.

Netklix, if not the worst, is one of the worst affiliate programs ever. I put this program alongside "The Rich Jerk", earning no money at all.

Worst Plague

In my opinion, the worst plague ever was the Bubonic Plague. The Bubonic Plague is said to have killed over 137 million people.

What is the Bubonic Plague- Its a severe infection in humans and many species of rodents. Its caused by Yersinia Pestis (a bacterium previously known as Pasteurella Pestis).

A Rhyme Scheme With a Meaning?

Ring around the rosies, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashers! We all fall down.

What does it mean?

Rosies refers to rosary beads, used to pray for help. Boboes released a foul odor, which posies and flowers were used to cover the smell. Ashers were from the burnt corpes of the victims of the Bubonic Plague and fall down symbolizes people dropping dead.



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