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Would I?

Updated on February 8, 2018
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In 2007, Greg's 23 month old Grandson was killed. At that point, he found a need to write about his family, crime, and local issues.

Follow-Up Hub

Not long ago I published a hub with several polls in it.

There were some very difficult questions and I hope that "Would You?" made the wheels in all of your heads spin.

My brain is always spinning in this fashion. Does that make me nuts? Some, I believe, think so. They can think what they will, I really don't care.

The reasoning behind the making of that hub was to make people think about situations they could possibly face. None of these situations are unrealistic. Yes, all of you atheists, even the last one. Never say never, I, at one time, thought nothing real serious would happen to our family and BAM, Jonathan, my Grandson, was murdered.

It is a good thing to be prepared for evil attacks. This world is full of them. For those of you that say,"Why doesn't God just fix it all?", He would then be taking man-kinds freewill away from us. We, as mankind, allowed this evil in and only through God can the evil be conquered. That conqueror is Jesus Christ, God's only begotten who was nailed to a cross as a sacrifice.

Here are the poll results at this time and how I would react in these situations. Thanks to all who voted and commented on "Would You?"

Poll #1

This question dealt with your own child. As it had firearms involved, I totally understand those of you in the United Kingdom posting a no or an unsure. Common people in that country do not have guns.

This question was just a bit deceptive too. If that person had the weapon pressed to my child, no, I wouldn't shoot. It would be easy for him to still pull the trigger even if hit with a bullet. Now if that person drops that weapon down at any moment, I would pull the trigger.

That is my child and I would absolutely do every thing in my power to make sure they are safe. If that means killing another human being, than so be it. To everything there is a season.

The poll showed 71% said Yes, they would shoot; 12% said No, and 16% were unsure.

Poll #2

This question had to deal with the elderly woman who is your neighbor. She is a bank teller and is being held hostage. The woman is also diabetic and is having a fit. Do you take her place as a hostage?

I deliberately put that she is a widow. Jesus taught us widows are to be helped at all times.

I was really bothered that there were people that wouldn't take her place. I know I would.

Results so far show 81% would take her place; 13% wouldn't and 6% were unsure.

Poll #3

This had to deal with a grocery stock boy who has an auto careening at him. The odds of you getting hit by the car are high if you try to save him.

In my mind, this is a young man with more years than me. I will help him. I have always lived with the opinion of let tomorrow worry about itself.

After I got out of the hospital, I may have to go have a "special" talk with that driver though. People, slow down in parking lots!

Results thus far show 59% would help; 12% wouldn't and 29% are unsure.

Poll #4

Much like the first poll, I understand the English plight in answering this question. It is quite understandable.

This question deals with a person you just don't like but is being held at gunpoint. You have a gun and can help, but odds are high you could get shot.

Again, like before, I live for what should I do now. What would God want me to do? I believe he would want me to help. Yes, I would help. The guy sure better quit being mean to me though!

So far 45% said they would help; 30% said no and 25% are unsure.

Poll #5

This, the last poll, I feel was the most important.

That person you hate; would you want them screaming in Hell for eternity?

The way I see God's perfectness, I believe this is a way He would fairly judge. How many people would want to hear you screaming in Hell? Think about that.

No, I wouldn't send that person to a fiery furnace. That is God's judgment alone. After all, we all deserve to burn in Hell. That is why the Father sent Jesus Christ. I have no right to send anyone to Hell or Heaven. I have never invented a universe.

So far results show that 8% would; 89% wouldn't and 3% are unsure.

I hope these hubs opened your eyes to yourself. That was my prime objective. There is more to life than working, eating and sleeping.

I will pray for those of you that don't have that desire to help other mankind. I believe that is exactly why God put us on this Earth.

Thanks for reading these two hubs and keep that mind open to what could happen.

© G.L. Boudonck


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    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      9 years ago from Chicago

      Thank you for providing the results of the first Hub. Interesting. I enjoyed participating.

    • profile image


      9 years ago from London, England

      A very interesting duo of hubs. I voted on all questions asked and then took a look at what you would have done.

      I was caught out with your first question and was slightly surprised with your deception. If I had been aware that the gun was pressed to the child's head then My answer would have been different.

      Interesting questions which require some pretty deep thinking.

      Thank you for posting.



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