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Writing Exercises

Updated on January 18, 2010

Writing is no ordinary task as we all know it. Writing involves a lot of time, effort, and sacrifice on the part of the writer. Many say that writing needs a lot of inspiration, but many experienced writers do not need much in terms of inspiration. I was once a timid writer who could not write three straight sentences. Now I am proud to say that I have overcome my writing difficulties and can say that I thoroughly enjoy writing, both as a hobby and as a potential source of income as well.

How to improve your writing skills and overcome with writing fear?

How do you think I was able to overcome my writing? Persistence is the name of the game. The first step to my mind, to be able to write and to write well, is to get into the habit of reading. Read anything that comes across – novels, children’s stories, magazines, history textbooks, sports books, beauty magazines, and what have you. Reading as much as you can brings some enlightenment to a budding writer. One is exposed to the many styles of as many writers. While reading, be keen enough to take note of how different writers are able to develop their topics. Take note of the language that they use, and how exactly they try to send their message across to the reader. Go to any public library so that you will be able to read as wide a variety of reading materials as possible. I always like to read children’s books. Writing for children is a particularly difficult thing to do as the writer himself would have to think and write like a child. This is hard as one’s adult world is certainly different from that of the children’s. Try also to read history books, as the writers of history books would have to present factual data in a manner that is not as boring as reciting a litany of facts. One can see how writers of history try to inject their own styles such that their books are fascinating and interesting – after all, they are attempting to create a learning experience for their readers as well.

Writing technique:

One will also have to bear in mind that when writing, there are three basic steps – planning what will be written, the actual writing process, and reviewing what one has written. If you try to break down your entire writing activity into these three key steps, one might be able to identify the aspect wherein one encounters difficulties. In planning the writing, one could create an outline from which flows of ideas can come – if you are writing about your life, break down your life into the certain eras and highlight certain milestones in each era. Once one concentrates on these milestones, then it would be easier to begin writing itself. When one is writing about a favorite occasion while still a student, one can ask himself about the setting, what really happened, who were there, and what was funny or what was important about that particular occasion. When one writes, recalling everything may be difficult, but with the milestones, one can easily recall and write what was most important about each of these milestones. When writing, take note of the technicalities – grammar, appropriate language, and the logical flow of ideas. It would be crazy to write about a milestone and then go back to a previous date or occasion. Lastly, the review of the writing piece itself is essential as one can make the necessary corrections in terms of both the technical aspects and the creative aspects of the piece. When one goes back to a milestone, one could close the issue properly by writing about how the milestone impacted you and has made you a better person. New ideas connected with those already written down may suddenly come into focus after you have read what was written down so far. Never give up! It is only when you have thoroughly reviewed your piece, and when you are thoroughly satisfied with it that you can finally present it as your own creation.

Some more writings tips:

In the end, it is not difficult to write. As mentioned earlier, persistence and industry are important elements for a budding writer. Others have certainly passed the path that you are now on. This includes me – a used to not to like writing, but now writing is a favorite pastime. When I rummage through my old work, and see what I am writing now, I am really amused at how far I have come with respect to my writing. I currently keep a journal, and bring my laptop everywhere, so that when something hits me, and I am inspired, I begin to write. Writing has helped me go through school, and in the end, I think that it has helped me become a better person. I am dedicated now to writing about how I feel just about anything; and now I find that I can participate in blogs online, and earn a bit of money out of it. Fellow writers in these blogs are also very supportive and encouraging, and this also serves as an inspiration to me today. Thus now I can say that writing has enabled me to grow as a person, and I can understand people better because I can read between the lines and understand how they feel and act.


You can write too! It is never too late to start. Just remember to begin to become an avid reader, and begin to write! Tickle the keys of your laptop and you will never notice what comes out of them. Plan your piece. Even if you feel that what you have written down is a bit disorganized at first, then simply go ahead and review what you have written down so far. Writing is not only a fun skill, but it is also something that can help you earn a living as well. Patience, perseverance, and dedication, just like in any endeavor, are all that are needed to get one up and going. Concentrate on this task and you will surely enjoy writing as much as I do today.


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      3 years ago

      The forum is a briehtgr place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

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      3 years ago

      That's a skillful answer to a dicflfuit question


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