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Writing a Brilliant Essay: What Does It Take?

Updated on November 14, 2016
Essay writing is often a challenge for students
Essay writing is often a challenge for students

How many times did you have to write essays and other types of academic or research papers, when you were a student? Or, maybe, you are currently a student, who needs a valuable piece of advice on how to make your essay brilliant? Regardless of the reason you read this article, it will, probably, be of great help to you. This is because writing a well-structured and informative essay is one of the best ways to reveal your actual skills, demonstrate your academic aspirations and creative thinking and impress your teachers or professors with deep awareness of the subject. Does this seem too complicated for you? Then keep reading the article to make sure that writing an essay doesn’t have to be a problem for you. Instead, it can be an engaging and valuable experience that will help you avail the expected result. So, let’s get started right now!

Writing an Essay: What Is the Purpose?

Essays may seem boring and not that useful for the majority of students, but if you give it a deeper thinking, you will realize that they are really important. Essays may be written on different topics to show your skill level, knowledge of the subject and ability to analyze, sort out and structure information. Regardless of the academic level of a student, essays are needed to test various things and abilities, including:

Essays are needed to test various abilities
Essays are needed to test various abilities
  • Comprehension and Knowledge

The fact that essays are written on various subjects makes it possible to state that they are needed to test your knowledge of this subject. Instead of wasting time discussing certain topics with students, many professors consider it more convenient to ask them to write essays that will show how well the students have mastered and understood the material. This is especially important when it comes to humanities, which often require deeper understanding, analysis and comprehension.

  • Testing Your Abilities

Essay topics differ and so do the abilities needed to cope with the tasks successfully. When you write an essay, you reveal your major ability – to ask and answer the main questions to reveal the topic of your essay. Your ability to analyze the details of the topic and draw the conclusions also matters a lot here, because this will affect the way you will cope with the task. When you understand what you are going to write about and are able to express your own opinion regarding the topic of your essay, the process won’t be that complicated.

Writing a quality essay takes much time and effort
Writing a quality essay takes much time and effort
  • Working with the Sources

Using the benefits of the global network only is not enough to write an informative and well-structured essay nowadays. Instead, you should learn to work with various sources, analyze the information they contain and include it into your essay. Sometimes, you will have to look through a variety of materials, while the time may be limited. That’s quite complicated, I should admit, but, having done that once, it will be easier for you to do that in future.

  • Demonstrating Your Language Skills

Writing an essay is much more than just sharing your thoughts and revealing the topic. This also includes the demonstration of your language skills. I mean, written skills. You will have to mind such nuances as grammar, spelling, proper punctuation, syntax etc. to give your essay a decent and informative look.

  • Time Management Skills

How much time does it take to write a good essay? The answer to this question depends upon a number of points, including the topic of the essay, the amount of words it should involve (if specified), the purpose of writing the work as well as your personal time management skills. The importance of the latter issue should not be underestimated. The time you use to understand, analyze, plan, structure and write an essay may differ as well and it generally depends upon your essay writing experience. As a rule, you have to complete your work within the pre-set deadlines. This is not a problem for professional web-based essay-writing services like, but this is a huge problem for students, who cannot focus on the topics of their essays and frequently feel frustrated because of that. As a result, they waste their time and are not able to cope with the task on time.

Knowledge and experience are needed to write a good essay
Knowledge and experience are needed to write a good essay

Do you wish to avoid the problems associated with writing essays? If this is the first time you are given the task, then it makes sense to be very serious about it and devote as much time as possible to the project. Find several reliable sources to get the material, plan your essay in advance, stick to the structure, ask and answer the questions, analyze the info you manage to find and draw the conclusions. Don’t worry! No one and nothing is perfect and your essay may not look or sound ideal from the very first try. Just keep trying and improving your essay writing skills to avail the result you will be satisfied with!


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      5 months ago

      "What distinguishes a qualitative essay from substandard paper? If you dont want to use homework doer and write an excellent essay by yourself, you must have an idea of ​​how it should be made, what you should pay special attention to. And you need to know all this before starting work, in order to move in the right direction from the very beginning.

      How to choose a suitable topic for your essay? From my own experience, I know that choosing a topic is not an easy task. On how competent the choice of subjects for your work will be, the success of its writing depends to a large extent. So I paid considerable attention to this issue. Drawing up a plan is a very important point. If you do not take into account some important rules of drawing up a plan of the thesis, this will necessarily negatively affect the result of all work. Therefore, in order not to create a lot of problems, not to spend a lot of time and effort in vain, you should approach the process of drawing up a plan thoroughly and with knowledge of the matter. Perhaps it will be news, but each chapter of the essay must have an established structure. And from this it follows that it is possible to create an algorithm (sequence of actions) for writing each chapter for a diploma in any subject. It is this algorithm that is described in this issue. "


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