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Writing a Love letter.

Updated on May 20, 2010

Love Letter is a kind of letter that expresses desires, affections and regards though it is simple in form but bet me,it is complex because an Individual shows the role of two in this form of letter. Though we might consider this to be a Romantic written article but there are seductive love letters, Lustful love letters, and desirable love letters but the important thing about a love letter is that it describes, foretells and professes one thing...LOVE.

Love letter is not a love song or poem therefore, there are vital elements to consider while writing a love letter because a good love letter is considered to be Romantically Constructive. This means that a love letter need to show appreciation and full of desires.

Tips on writing a Constructive Love Letter:

1.      Greeting: Every letter begins with greetings therefore, it is also good to show some kind of regards at the beginning of a Love letter even if you are writing it to someone you just parted with one second ago.

2.      Admiration: There is nothing as sweet as showing how much you appreciate someone, it is one vital element of a constructive love letter, though Ladies tend to be overwhelmed each time they are appreciated by their spouse or man but bet me, it turns men on the most when they are appreciated and shown a slight form of admiration.

3.      Gratefulness: This is a simple way of showing how happy one is in a relationship, of course been grateful is a vital sign of good living therefore, it is advisable to always express this in a relationship.

4.      Desire: It is very important to remind your lover what you desire, this reminds him or her all the time about what you represent in his or her life. Desire is to me the key ingredient in any relationship be it courtship or marriage.

Though there are still so many of factors to consider when writing a love letter and basically when been constructive but i simply wish to share these four vital facts above besides Love is all about feelings, i mean true feelings therefore, no matter how constructive you tend to be, the truth is the subject...”True feelings”.

Furthermore, Love letters are more interesting when they are not too long or too short, when they are not snappy but flows and bubbles like the cool water of the sea and no matter what the situation that prompted writing a love letter is, a constructive love letter is simply a true Romance.

Sample of a constructive Love Letter.

Like i said earlier, Love letter is all about the expression of desires and it is written by a lover therefore from a man’s mind...

My dearest Angel,

           With utmost joy and happiness, i wish to know how you are feeling today. As of me, i am happy because i have you therefore my love and respect will continually be for you. Greetings baby girl.

           Honey, words are not enough to express the amount of  joy you brought into my life and no statistical calculation can determine the amount of goodly intentions you promote in me but as you already know, you are the love of my life. Who will i be without you? Angel, you mean so much to me and i will forever be thankful to God. Yes! I will always thank him because i asked him to give me just a friend but he gave me you. The love of my life.

          Darling, you are more than a friend and each time i reflect about you, i see a picture of a beautiful Rose in a peaceful garden, my love, may God continually bless the womb that nursed you. You are the meaning of my life and if i have to ask for one thing more, i will simply ask for you to be mine forever. Baby, if i die, believe me, your love will resurrect me. I love you from the bottom of my heart, you are the brightest star in the sky and with you, i will win any race.

           We have come a long way and i sat the other day imagining all we have done together then your words struck my heart. Baby, do you remember the very first day i told you that i love you and what you said in return? Of course i know that you will never forget that day and i must confess right now that i believed you the moment you said “Let us flow”. Angel, you are the queen in my palace therefore, my love for you will never die and your wish will forever be my command.

         Thinking of you is my hubby, i mean it then and i mean it now, you are my hands and legs, the part of green leaves in the desert of my existence, you are my everything and life without you is meaningless, sweetheart, you will forever be my everything because none can be compared with you and i promise to always pray for us. Angel, to love and be loved is what every soul yearns for that is why i will forever be grateful to God because you are the answer to my prayer and believe me, to my grave will i carry this feeling i have for you.

       Baby, you deserve just the best and i will remain the best for you. You are my inestimable Juliet and one thing i will keep assuring you is that i will never stop loving you. My dear, i love you just the way you are and your smile intoxicates me that is why i wrote you this poem.

My love my Dove

The Queen of my life

There is none like you

The essence of my existence

The reason why my heart beats

Your true smile intoxicates me

You are my endless love.

Baby girl, let us keep flowing and always remember that we have a bright future ahead therefore, always be a good girl and do not ever stop loving me because what we share is what we deserve.

I love you.




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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 7 years ago from Biafra

      Thanks for been here kirutaye and i do appreciate the fact that you laughed all the way...THROUGH...


    • kirutaye profile image

      kirutaye 7 years ago from London, UK

      This is a great hub. I laughed all the way through it. Now i know how to construct a love letter. Thanks for sharing.