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Writing your ' WILL ' - Digital.

Updated on February 21, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Alfred Nobel's Will

I, the undersigned, Alfred Bernhard Nobel, do hereby, after mature deliberation, declare the following to be my last Will and Testament with respect to such property as may be left by me at the time of my death:
I, the undersigned, Alfred Bernhard Nobel, do hereby, after mature deliberation, declare the following to be my last Will and Testament with respect to such property as may be left by me at the time of my death:

Have you written your Will.[ Digital Also.]

Its so confusing when it comes to writing a Will.We work all our life to earn,spend and save money.We feel that we need money for a rainy day.People gamble,trade in stocks and shares.Also something called Mutual Funds.Equity Shares all so confusing and difficult to understand with out the help of a friend.Somebody has started digital will,this is to save your website,mail,photos,friends,Blogs,Domains,User Name,Passwords and everything on the Internet which you were doing.

A will written must be signed by two persons and must be signed by a Notary and if you can it should be registered.This is no work of a ordinary person.However our country's law has made good provision for the survivor in case of death and if the dead person had wealth,movable and fixed.The problem is only if you have hell of a lot of mobey.No problem if you have no money left,no banker locker,no shares,no post office account or bank account.

Why do people dye with out writing a will,perhaps they do not expect death with out any invitation.Another reason may be accident or unnatural death.So when is the expected time to write a will.Even after writing can you make changes.What happens to additional wealth you gain.Can you leave space for that,say a blank page.If you consult a Advocate he may guide you properly but you do not trust a lawyer.( No one perhaps.) what ever the reason a will is a necessity.There are Fake wills How do you prove a Fake will.?That is going to be a problem and we need the Black coats.Black Coat is to mourn some body's loss from this planet but why do we choose them.When this was inquired the reply was that they mourn for the loss of the case for one of the party's.What is the problem in simply recording a will on a tape.You know it gets erased easily by who so ever knows there is a will and they would be sure to go to hell to find out where is that tape.Where do you keep the will,that's another problem.Do you know how to write a 'Will". That's another problem.Do you trust some one who will keep the 'Will'.One more problem.Do you know how to value your assets.Big Problem.Do you know any Black Coats.I have seen them but can't talk to them it is a vulnerable task.What is the way.?Good Question finally I think.There are a host of issues involved in writing a 'WILL'.

The person who writes the will is the Testator.

In case she is a lady it will be Testatrix.

A 'WILL' can be written by any person,not that he has to be a wealthy person.A man can win a lottery even after his death.If he has not written a 'WILL'.what happens if he wins a lottery and becomes a millionaire to the money he gets.Just a line that anything he gets alive or dead goes to his wife so and so makes a lot of difference.The advantages of making a 'WILL' can be peaceful,there will be no confusion,misunderstanding,dispute to your wife,children and any others that you choose or leave everything to your wife and allow her to do what ever she wants has a legal backing in the document "WILL".

The advantages of making a 'WILL' :-

(1) After your death there will be no confusion amoungst the family members,only they have to know you have made a 'WILL' - the last 'WILL'.

(2) Since 'WILL' is a very cofidential document,you are able to express yourself freely.

(3) It will not be a an inheritance by any law,so you will be able to meet the needs of your dear ones and if your wife is alive you can say you have left her to deal with your assets.

(4) There being no question of inheritance you will be able to provide for any person any amount as a gift.

(5) Your 'WILL' can take away any person including your wife any right to your assets as they being found in any activities that are illegal or characterless.

(6) Even young persons can make a 'WILL' as they are in valnarable traffic each day.

(7) There could be a tax planning as well if you consult a Tax Planner.

What are the various kinds of 'WILLS'.

(1) The 'WILLS', are classified according to their nature and characteristics,which goes as under:-

(i) Conditional or Comtigent 'WILLS" :- This as the title says is only for a particulor period,like for example you have to go on a long trip you make a will that will be in force from a particulor period to a particulor day of your arrival from a long trip in a forign place like you are posted in Afganitan on duty.

(II) Joint 'WILLS":- As the title says you and your wife make a Joint 'WILL' till you both return alive from Afganistan,this is effctive on the death of both.The 'WILL' can be revoked by the suvivor.

(iii) There are various other types but the best is your own writing which you can write as you wish without making any contradiction or confusion in your writing,get it signed by two witneses with their Name,Address and Phone Numbers.Please see they are young or if they are old watch their health,incase they die take a copy of their death certificate and keep it safe.Your will can be shown to a NOTARY and get his sign & Seal.Make duplicate copy and keep the original in a Bank Locker.Make a NOMINATION for operating the Bank locker.Use your own code on how to locate the 'WILL' in case you fail to notify your heir to the 'WILL'.


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