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Yarn Knitting - See Video & Pictures.

Updated on February 17, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

You & T Shirt.+ Her Swim Suit.

Baby to Baldy use T Shirt.
Baby to Baldy use T Shirt.
Knitted What Bikini or Swim Suit.(Both)
Knitted What Bikini or Swim Suit.(Both)

The Family Shirt.

Indian Cotton Knit ware exports are around or over 90% of the country's which come from a small but huge Hosiery Industry from Tirupur in Tamil Nadu State.Here the work force is 2,50,000 spread over from the smallest in a house to a complex house doing not only knitted fabrics mostly in grey to the finished after bleaching or dying or printing of the knitted fabrics.

There are nearly one hundred mills spinning cotton yarn in grey condition and fiber dyed yarn production.The quality parameters are set by the knitter by his own thumb rule which is needles broken to knit one kg of yarn or cloth.The spinning mills have to depute their technical personal to the hosiery mills periodically to observe the working of the machine.The yarn in cone form are fed to the machine which is mostly circular knitting machines where the cones are creeled by hand on top of the machine with the ends of thread brought to the needles in fixed path.The gauge of the machine depends on the type of knit quality.The higher the gauge the finer the knit.The machine works non stop if the quality of yarn is best.There is no compromise on this.Even a single hole formed due to a needle break means one T shirt wasted.

Tirupur having circular knitting machines can be watched standing on foot path or side walk of the narrow roads.The worker is the master and the master comes when ever he likes or sits in a cabin as long as he wants.Even female workers look after the working of the machines when the male worker goes for Lunch.

Most of the mills send their cloth to a central processing zone and collect the rolls of processed cloth and again it is stitched in their premises or sold in any form they can as per contract.

The Sound of these machines working can be heard where ever you go all over the town in most of the central streets of the town.

If you can sell your yarn in this town your mill gets a VIP status symbol.Others have to bend their head here if their yarn cannot be sold here.

The working of the circular knitting machines is very interesting to watch and heart burning when a damage in the form of a hole tears the fabric from top to bottom before it is not stopped due to the failure of automatic stop motions working on the machine.

The fabric cutting and stitching is also very interesting.

Hand Knitting.


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