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Yet More Interesting and Random Facts

Updated on September 17, 2011
Mmm, Coffee.
Mmm, Coffee. | Source

Welcome to the 3rd, 4th or 5th...Whatever this installment of my series of Random Facts is, but with a little twist!
With all the interest of a Wikipedia article with a 3rd of the work, enjoy!

  1. Coffee, coffee, coffee! - The Country that buys the most coffee in the world is, unsurprisingly, the USA. However, the country that buys the most coffee per head? Finland, who buy 3 times more coffee per person than the average American, closely followed by, in growing order, The Netherlands, Denmark, Iceland and Norway.
  2. The Queen is one government asset that actually makes more money than she costs. The cost of the Queen's lavish lifestyle costs approximately £40 million per year. However, the money the crown makes every year in tourism alone is over £1 billion! Thanks to the Queen our taxes are less expensive than they would be without her.
  3. Ever felt like you and a Banana were one in the same? Well did you know that we share 60% of the same DNA with a Banana, mostly in it's skin. Think about that the next time you decide to eat a Banana!
  4. Carrying on with the human-fruit, Banana's are very slightly radioactive. Human's are too.
  5. Common household cats are not drawn towards your lap because it loves you dearly for providing it with food and shelter. No, Mr Fluffles is only drawn to your lap because he loves how warm it is, you see cats seek warmth. Also, when he rubs against your legs, it isn't because he loves the smell of the jeans you're wearing. He's rubbing his scent on you, thus claiming you as his personal property!
  6. Cows only graze when facing North or South. It is believed this is because they can detect the Earth's magnetic fields, but as of yet nobody knows the full reason why they face North and South. Maybe they're just trying to screw with us?
  7. The Terminator is one of the most iconic films ever made and single handedly jump started Arnold Swazenegger's career as an actor, but it's budget was tiny. The entire film a total of $2 million to produce, (Titanic cost in excess of $40 million).
  8. Sure, The Terminator made a massive profit, but the biggest profit ever made in a film? $248 million for the Blair Witch project. It's profits were so huge due to the tiny costs of production, approximately $500,000.
  9. If you're a child in Belgium then you must, by law, take Harmonica lessons whilst in Primary School.
  10. Disney is a childhood favourite, however 101 Dalmations and Peter Pan (Wendy) are the only 2 movies where both the characters parents are present and don't die throughout the whole movie!
  11. Goldfish don't have a lifespan of 'just 3 seconds', they can learn entire obstacle courses and still remember then days later...Also the world's oldest Goldfish lived to be 41 years old.
  12. Al Capone, one of America's most infamous gangsters was finally arrested, not for murder and robbery, but for tax evasion. His business card said that he was a used furniture salesmen.
  13. Ecstasy, an extremely illegal drug used by, mainly clubbers wanting a buzz to last them the night...It is classed as a dangerous Class A drug, the same classification as given to Cocaine, and can in extreme cases cause death. But who first invented this terrible, terrible drug?
    The British army during World War I, to make soldiers feel happier about living in a War Zone...Bit ironic, huh?
  14. And now back to the wondrous substance that is Coffee. Coffee has been tested to actually be effective against cancerous cells, as well as other diseases/illnesses such as Alzheimer's.
  15. If you had to pay for air, how much would it cost? The answer is £70 per year, or 19 pence a day. At that rate the Earth's atmosphere would be worth over £4.3 Quadrillion, more money than everybody on earth combined even has.
  16. The popular play writer Shakespeare wrote over 17,000 words, of which over 1,700 were first recorded in his plays! He also has no living descendants, due to all of his Grandchildren dying.
  17. The energy we use every day, as we all know comes from many different sources, including wind-farms, power plants, and even Dams in some cases. However 10% of all power in the US comes from dismantled Nuclear Bombs! This includes ones from the USSR.
  18. The Chrysler Building in New York is one of the most admired buildings in America, iconic because of it's spire/roof design. But the building was never meant to have that iconic, curved roof and pointed spire...It was added later by the architects who wanted the building to be taller than 40 Wall Street. The spire was also constructed completely in secret!
  19. In WWII bombs were a problem, especially to factories. When the 2nd Boeing factory was built the designers were so worried about it being destroyed that they built an entire fake neighborhood on the roof, disguising the plant from the air. It was so detailed it even had road signs, such as Burlap Boulevard and Synthetic Street.
  20. Do you use Lip Balm? Do you find your mouth becoming like sandpaper when you've not used one for more than 30 seconds? Well then it's entirely possible you are literally addicted to Lip Balm!
    Yes, you can actually become addicted to Chapstick! In fact, many ingredients dry your lips out further in the long run.
  21. Ah, everyone would love to buy a Bentley. They're beautifully made cars, and look gorgeous. You know you've made it when you own a Bentley. On a side note, what do you drive? A Volkswagen? SEAT? Audi? Skoda? Well then you own a little bit of Bentley! Volkswagen AG own Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Lamborghini, and even Bentley. The company even uses the same parts in their cars. My 1999 Audi A4 has the same suspension and key-fob as the Bentley Continental GT.


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