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Angelic Messages

Updated on October 6, 2009

My first experience with an angelic presence occurred when I was 13 years old in my back yard. I tell the story in the Introduction of my book Halfway to Heaven how she made her special appearance and the uplifting messages she imparted to me. That angelic visitation transformed my life. One interesting thing I noted is that the angel never told me her name. I would think about her and feel her presence often. Many of the poems I wrote I felt were inspired by this angel. Sometimes the poem would say “I am the Lady of Hope, or the muse and other such titles which name and honor the sacred feminine.

Many years later I was to learn my angel’s name. She is the latest of invisible friends and companions I have had the grand pleasure of communicating with. She tells me that we each possess a very special Soul Angel who has been with us since before we first took our first steps on human shores. She says that our soul angel will be with us until we embrace Eternity in its fullness and merge with every soul and life form. Then and only then will we become totally enlightened and whole.

When I retold the story of my angelic visitation in the book, I began wondering once more what this angel’s name could be. Surely she has a name I thought. I asked her to reveal it to me? I felt that I deserved to know her name some 33 years after the initial visitation. There is an old saying, “Watch what you ask for, you just might get it.” I was to have my request granted in a most unusual way in early November of 2003.

As is the case with many of my visits and experiences I have no indication or inkling of what is going to transpire. These experiences just have a way of happening. Olovera’s appearance was that and then some.

I often visit my friend Victoria in Pittsburgh. We have so much fun together. She is 62 going on 16. Her childlike glee and love of life are so contagious. She loves life so much and it shows in her appreciation of the little things life offers as well as the grander things. When I visited her in November I have never laughed so much as we did when playing miniature golf. We harped and hollered like two ten year olds, giving the game our best and asking the spirits of Luck and good fortune to grant us victory. We even cursed each other out like two sailors when one would advance a few points and paces ahead of the other. All in jest and humor, of course. We watched Under the Tuscan Sun the next day and held hands during the entire film like two star struck lovers. Star struck we both are, but not Lovers. We are more. I believe that true friendship can be more fulfilling and passionate than having a lover. In between the sobs, sighs and wiping of tears we sat in awe admiring the breathtaking scenery and landscapes of Tuscany. Her being of Italian descent, and me having studied opera and being a devout dedicated singer of arias and songs, the movie seemed to be made for our personal enjoyment. We both fell in love with the same characters.

The second evening after dinner, Victoria announced she was going to do a phone consultation with a new client from Florida. I lay on the couch and was resting while she got her tape recorder set up. Before she called the lady she said, “Michael, can you give me some energy?”

“Sure,” I replied, some energy is coming your way, ” I said humorously and thought no more about it.

A few minutes later Victoria dialed the client’s number and began to talk in that beautiful, sensuous, enchanting voice that her clients constantly compliment. I figured I’d go downstairs and have a beer and relax until she finished her reading. When I tried to get up, I could not budge. How strange, I thought. I cannot be here while she is doing her reading. Again, I tried to get up. I could not budge. Tingles poured through my mid-section and my head began to feel lighter. I simply could not move. I was meant to be there during that reading. I did not know the reason why but soon was I to know.

I heard parts of the reading and I recall that it was a very intense session. It lasted about a half hour. I was so light headed it felt like I could float right through the ceiling. When it was over, Victoria took a few moments to regain her composure. She went to the frig for a diet coke. Then she came over to me. I was sitting on the couch, my eyes still big and glowing. It felt like I was in some kind of twilight zone.
“Wow,” Victoria said, “that was some reading, Michael. I have never gone that deep before.”

“I’m not sure what all was happening, but I just could not move,” I replied.

Victoria smiled and walked around the living room. “I just can’t seem to come down. That reading really did a number on me. I don’t know what that was all about but I can’t come back to myself.”

“I can help you,” I heard a voice in my mind say. “Sit down and if you will permit, I should like to speak to both of you.”

“There is someone here wanting to speak,” I told Victoria. It feels like a different presence.”

“Victoria set her coke down beside me. “By all means, you are going to channel. Let’s see what she has to say.”

I set up the tape player then sat back and shut my eyes. We took a few deep breaths then I began humming some soft “ooh” sounds. Then the magical moment began. I could feel my mouth opening and my lips ready to move. I would be speaking and yet I would not be speaking. As usual I had no idea what I would be speaking about. I just knew that it would not be the ordinary me in my everyday conscious awareness frame of mind. My voice would change to take on whatever flavor of the persona I took on or perhaps I should say the persona or being I allowed to take me on. I could feel the energy shifting. I sensed that Victoria was relaxed as well for she did not make a single move.

In a calm, soothing voice I began to speak. “O, my little ones, my precious, darling little ones. Come. Come to the playground of gladness. And be greeted by your friends and those who would give you nurturing and sustenance from the land. From the air. From the sea and From the wind. Children, from near and from far. We invite you to the playground of gladness. For there is that which you have dreamt. That which you dream and that which you shall dream in the wondrous tomorrows of your precious being. We see you walking. We see you climbing across the portals and you are stepping with eagerness and excitement and anticipation. For you see this beautiful bridge of life that shines like the most illuminating star. It is as Although the star of David is shining once more. For the Christ Babe is to be given birth once more. And the children salute the precious light that you have given to their precious sister in need. You got out of the way and you let Kayla come in to give and to share a dimension of life and love and energy that you so far cannot comprehend with your conscious minds.

And this is as it should be For we cannot heal the wounds of your heart and your soul and put the salves of love on the wounds of yesterday that have not been tended to until you gather in the circle of the children. And you both did this. We give you thanks because we know that you both, dear precious Victoria, and dear Precious Michael, are very childlike. You cry tears of joy as you take in the love and the healing when you watch and absorb yourselves into these beautiful movies where love prevails. For that is all that is truly precious in life. Thus we am here to remind you of the wholeness of the O and the Om. And the circle that is never bent or broken.

It is as a curve, a mirror in time that has been pierced through eyes of deception and fear and misunderstanding. And you on terra. You on this beautiful Mother Earth for the most part have forgotten the precious ray of wholeness that this beautiful ring symbolizes that you spoke of in the reading, Victoria. This diamond ring and you spoke of, this ruby as well. This ruby ray of course is the ray of the mother. The ray of the child and the mother holding hands in oneness. This is what you and Michael did. He did not even know he was doing so and it mattered not for you have made your commitments to serve and to be a blessed reminder to those who would need to step over the threshold to the next world, the afterlife. While you went on a soul journey and were relaying messages from the lady’s child, Kayla, Michael remained behind and held the energy. He grounded and gave love and healing. This enabled you to be able to proceed with the soul journey and reading for the lady. We want to remind you that it was very very special. The timing was absolutely fabulous. There will be other experiences that you will partake of.

“Bask in the playground of gladness with the little ones and you will never feel alone. You will always be able to remind anyone, anywhere, anytime any place of purity and sweetness that they can visit. And you can call in the soul angel. Everyone was given a most precious gift of a beautiful soul angel. This happened when the mother energy poured out from the great burst of matter. The spirit swirled and twirled through the reaches of the atmosphere and the spheres far beyond this dimension. You were able to perceive the dance. And you were able to take in and become the flame that never dies.

“That is what you reminded this sister of. That her flame glows brightly and there is a love beyond the perceptions and the needs of the human self that far transcends the consciousness of the mortal self. And so you went right to that space to the center of her soul. You spoke with gentle intonation and the pauses and the times when you did not speak were special and important as well, because you were sending floodgates of energy and light and love. This sister will never forget this experience and she will tell others and it will help change the energy upon the planet. Every time there is a connection with the soul angel your energy and vibration are raised and you become more of who you really are. One of the Soul Angel’s functions is to help you in becoming all that you truly are. For those of you who have this capacity to be so embraced and so welcome such tenderness and love, you open the portals of wondrous tomorrows where yesterday, today, and tomorrow all salute and bow to you and invite you to come and join the children in the playground of gladness.

“You have touched a soul and you have also been blessed and unless you would wish to speak or ask a question I will now take my leave. This is a moment you will never forget nor will Michael. You two have come together for very special work and for very special healing. You two are able to move through many layers and many planes and as you know he likes to partake of his little enjoyment of the brew. But this he can put aside for the times of ecstasy and the wonders that spirit brings you. There is so much for you to enjoy; so much for the enrichment of your human experience. You two have more imprints to make than perhaps you can imagine.

“Victoria, you are able to see anything and everything because you are pure love, dear one. You are the essence of love. You can see anything that you wish and you can translate that which the Soul Angel would reveal to you. Your eyes can adjust to hold the vision to be a pure transmitter of the rays of fire light, that the soul angel would wish to impart to those you come in contact with. For you know you do not wish to shine so brightly that you would bring discomfort. You are both excellent conduits for these rays and these energies. Victoria, your beloved friend Kyle is also in the circle.

“I am called Olovera and I am not from this earth. But you are also not of this earth as well. I welcome you to visit me in the playground of gladness in the realm of spirit and dreams. I bid you good Evening!”

Victoria and I were speechless. We just sat in the quiet for a few minutes. We both felt more grounded and calm after we listened to the tape of Olovera’s messages. A little while later Victoria took my hand and gently rubbed it. “Michael, I think your angel has finally revealed her name to you.”

I sighed. “Yeah, I’ve waited so long. I’m glad she chose to share that experience with you as well.”

“As am I. What a beautiful spirit. Olovera,” Victoria whispered several times. “A truly lovely name.”

“Kind of sounds like aloe vera, doesn’t it,” I joked, “with the word love thrown in.” I spoke the name out loud a few times then I found paper and pen and wrote it down. O love ra. “Hey Ra, is the Egyptian Sun God. I’ve always been drawn to him.”

“Perhaps he is drawn to you as well, Michael.”

“Could she truly be my soul angel?”

“Oh, I think so, dear, and like she said, she’s been with you since the birth of Eternity.”

“Birth of Eternity. Isn’t that a contradiction of terms?”

“Most truths contain contradiction because human language is limited and distorts reality.”

“That’s true,” I replied. “But at least it’s a step, isn’t it? Olovera spoke in words, yet my entire body and being feels something very special, very profound and sacred. I just can’t explain it.”

“Don’t try, honey. Don’t try.”

We had a snack then looked out the back balcony door hoping the deer would pay us a visit tonight.

That night I had a dream. I was in a big room full of people sitting with my eyes closed, almost ready to speak. What am I going to speak about? I mentally asked myself. Then I saw my blurb in the program: Messages from Olovera through Michael Dennis. The title was “From my soul angel to yours, you are here for a very special reason!” I knew that I would be hearing from Olovera again. And hopefully again and again!

The next day Victoria and I listened to her tape of the reading and to Olovera’s messages. I made a copy of the tape and Victoria mailed it along with her reading to her client. In my mind I kept thinking about Olovera and the playground of gladness that she spoke about. I wanted to know more about this playground of gladness. Two days later Victoria received an email from the client’s family. The woman Victoria had read for had taken her life. They thanked Victoria for the reading and me for the messages from Olovera.

“Oh, the poor soul,” I cried out. “I just can’t believe this. Your reading was so profound. You kept telling the lady to go get the pills and pour them in the sink. There was crying in the background and pauses. I could hear it as though I were right there in Florida with her. Didn’t the woman throw the pills away?”

“I think so,” Victoria said softly.

“Did she get her tapes? How could she take her life after such wonderful messages from you and Olovera?”

Victoria finished the rest of the email. “Our dear sister, Sara, took her life the day your tapes arrived. The package was unopened.”

I was crying now. I felt hurt, and angry. What was the use of the reading or messages if the lady was going to kill herself anyway?”

Victoria smiled. “Don’t you see, Michael? Olovera knew that Sara was going to die. She was inviting her to the playground of gladness and helping prepare her for her transition. Spirit gives the messages to us in words that won’t frighten us. The playground of gladness is not here. Where can you find a playground of gladness on the earth?”

“I have no idea.”

“So where do you think it is?”

“In the spirit realm. In Heaven.”

“Yes,” Victoria whispered.

“But it’s still so sad.”

“Yes, Death always is but it’s also a doorway to new life.”

“I just feel so bad. Wasn’t there more we could have done? It all seem so unfair.”

“Michael, it was Sara’s time to die. Olovera knew it before we did. The messages make total sense now. Kayla came from the playground of gladness and welcomed her mother home. Sara just could not get over the death of her little girl. It was too much for her. So she chose to go and be with her in Heaven.”

“I can understand. That was amazing how you picked up that name. That’s not your everyday name.”

“I tried to help Sara want to live. I do believe she tossed the pills in the sink when I asked her to. There is always free will, Michael. I think that Kayla and Olovera knew that Sara was going to die, and maybe in some small way we did help, Michael. If Olovera can communicate so beautifully and profoundly like she does through you, don’t you think she couldn’t speak to Sara’s soul as well. I somehow think that part of Sara felt Olovera’s presence along with Kayla’s. Perhaps they even gave her permission to come join them in the playground of gladness.”

“Perhaps,” I replied, still sad.

“I think they are together now romping and having a grand time.”



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